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Here is my statistics for 2021. Wow! So much visitors around the world. Thank you very much!


Hier meine Statistik für 2021. So viele Besucher aus der ganzen Welt! Danke sehr!




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the better food 20131206

good food

you know, I wrote in some articles that you have to eat the government food if you have no money…..

today I eat this,
but every day I can’t buy it:

grilled chicken (lechon manok)

….. very good….

One lechon manok is about 150 Php


Do you want to see what the employees eat?

see here:

employees food (breakfast)

special NFA reis, sausages and a special kind of dried fish ….

cooked in our kitchen

….happy meal….

© 2014 by nokbew

the (crazy) snack – very seldom –

the guests have very seldom snacks


fried pork skin
fat …. fat ….. fat, but delicious

one small bag is 10 Php


an other kind of snack

Chicken ....

Whats that ?

Chicken .....

you think this is rubbish?


this is a snack

…but not for me

happy snack….

© 2014 by nokbew

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