About a good friend


This is my friend and from time to time he visit me.

He is very curious, watching me, observe me. He is not afraid, he is interested in me. And I’m interested in my friend.

My friend doesn’t talk so much. But that’s OK for me, because I’m a quiet person also.

I like him because he always eating the mosquitoes and other annoying insect’s.

The only what I didn’t like was the sound of my friend in the night:

“Tuko, Tuko, Tuko”

I count: 12 times that noisy word, tuko. And that in the middle of the night!

Since a time I did not see my friend again. Maybe he found a partnership?

Sometimes I hear my friend shouting outside the house, in a coconut or nipa or other palm tree.

The people here told me, it brings a lot of luck if an Tuko-Lizard lives in your house.

I hope that’s true, because I need a lot of good luck to change my situation.

Sometimes I miss my friends, but I’m sure he is very happy now, with his new family.

See you soon my friend. God bless you 😉


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the spider man’s home

Spider man’s home

Spider man’s home

a small photo story about spider man’s home

open the box
the residents
go outside
roaming around
enjoy the liberty
In the box
In the hand

Think out of the box and you will be free!

© 2014 by nokbew

the visitor



Yesterday that guy visited me.


We had a very good conversation.
Ok… it could be that only one has spoken and one was very quite…

He didn’t reply all my question:

  • Where are you come from?
  • How old are you?
  • Are you married?
  • How many kids? boys or girls?
  • What is your job?
  • and so on….

Than I became boring and told him: “better you go now”, but he answered nothing and he didn’t move.

He only watched me what I’m doing.
Ok …. I did do my things and talked with him more than a half hour.

I brushed my tooth, prepared the bed for the night and changed my clothes.

I tried to talked with him in three language but no reacting.

Than I told him: “You are very ugly and I do not like you”.
But he was unimpressed….

I became very, very angry because he sit on my pillow and i want to go sleep.


I put my pillow and shook the pillow until I could no longer see him.

Then it was suddenly very quiet …

Too bad I thought, he’s gone yet and we had a very good conversation and a lot of fun together.

I love visitors …..

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