January 2023 • Human Trafficking awarness month • Don’t miss this books!

The true face of human trafficking and the victims are revealed in these books.

Journey into Disaster

The true face of human trafficking and the true victims are revealed in these books. Don’t miss!

Book 1 and Book 2 available on Amazon.

The E-Book series of 2 books 📖📖 • 7,20€ only! • Click here.

Sixteen days — as a prisoner — in a godforsaken, hot and run-down Asian Police Station.
The German engineer Thomas Heger is arrested during his vacation in the Philippines. What is he accused of and how do five little Filipino boys and their parents fit into the story?
Are the accusations against the German justified?
Where does the truth end and where does the fantasy begin?
Who is the victim and who is the perpetrator?
And who are the outrageous people who immediately start making money with Heger?
What very special Filipino mentality does the German have to painfully learn and accept? Where do Western and Asian philosophies of life as well as customs and traditions collide?
What is his experience with the police and what about accommodation at the police station?
How do his family, friends and work colleagues in Germany react to the terrible story? What about his Filipino friends from the coastal village? What happens to the alleged child victims?
Is Heger able to pull his head out of the noose?
Embark on a Journey into Disaster and discover a very special Asian world.

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Jouney into Disaster - Book 1

Jouney into Disaster – Book 1 by Konstantin von Weberg

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nice book, good to read but sad story. I recommend this book. It’s a series of 2 books. Page Turner
A German was been arrested in the Philippines. 16 days in a run down police station.

The kindle ebook has X-ray. Very helpful coz many characters

Journey into Disaster

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