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The new book will be a Tale. A story…

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😎 Title still Top Secret! 😎 – this is a story that could have happened in one way or another. Somewhere in the middle of Germany, sometime in the early seventies of the last century.


The saying goes: »The dog is buried in Hesse (Germany).« So is it their boredom and daily monotony in this rural area?
This humorous tale will convince you otherwise! You will be amazed by the exciting, bizarre, and sometimes tragic events that took place there.

Join Jasper, a 10-year-old boy who grew up in 1973 in simple, strangely twisted circumstances and saw the world from his very own perspective.


No final version…

It shook my bedroom door. There were also noises coming from the kitchen, although no one could be there. When mom and dad came back, we heard it because they always parked the Ford on our property. And when one of us descended the stairs, we heard it too, as every wooden step creaked miserably.

Now it crackled and rumbled below. I got scared, curled up and hid under the thick duvet. My room door continued to make noise. I was convinced that there were ghosts in the house. Maybe it was haunted like in these horror movies, which were shot in black and white. At the last Super 8 film night, Dad showed Dracula and The Dead Eyes of London, an Edgar Wallace film. For scary movies, we always had a pillow at hand to hold it in front of our eyes during particularly exciting or creepy scenes.

When it was so very quiet in our living room that you could have heard a pin drop, if we no longer dared to breathe, and we already had the pillow at the level of our nose, or we were already nibbling on the fingernails, our father hit the living room table with his hand, and we jumped out of the armchairs in fright because of our scare. Then Dad laughed loudly at us, and we laughed loudly at ourselves. Mom shook her head at our silliness.

Now I heard voices outside our house. I was sure our parents weren’t back yet. The doorbell rang. Someone was in front of my door, the doorknob slowly moved down.

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