My view on Omeleto’s short movies

NOKBEW’s Index of Omeleto’s short movies, what I watched 👀📺💗


We 💖 Omeleto

A series of 🏆AWARD-WINNING🏆 short movies on YouTube 📺

Surprise • Surprise

About stunning and professional actors, the makers and the very high quality of Omeleto’s short movies! Its incredible!


Hi Omeleto. Stories for short movies needed?

Watch my 📚📖 book ›Journey into Disaster‹ available on @amazon .

Every chapter is a short movie.


NOKBEW’s Index

Short films that I’ve seen:

All rights [ © ™ ® ] by Omeleto and YouTube!




About the novel ›Journey into Disaster‹ by Konstantin von Weberg


Published on Amazon

The Author’s Amazon


Kaufen sie den Roman ›Reise ins Verderben‹ auf Amazon und lesen sie ihn. Hier eine Übersicht der erhältlichen Buchformate.

Format Amazon Preis in € in 🇩🇪 Seiten
eBook ASIN: B08HKQV8RR 3,99 abhängig vom Gerät
Taschenbuch ASIN: B08JB9TW36 • ISBN-13: 979-8685476678 22,50 776
Gebundene Ausgabe ASIN: B0B5PLCT74 • ISBN-13: 979-8839700253 24,98 548


Buy the novel ›Reise ins Verderben‹ on Amazon and read it. Here is an overview of the available book formats.

Format Amazon Price in 🇺🇸 $ Pages
eBook ASIN: B09NDVVHZG 4.95 depends on the device
Pocketbook ASIN: B09NH2F7CZ • ISBN-13: 979-8763254334 24.95 489
Hardcover ASIN: B0B755QSXB • ISBN-13: 979-8839909632 24.98 548


Interesting facts about the novel

  • more than 4 years of research in Asia
  • more than 2 years of daily writing
  • 17 chapters [days]
  • Almost 150 subchapters
  • more than 220.000 words
  • more than 14 hours of reading time
  • German edition published in September 2020
  • English edition published in December 2021


Deutsche Ausgabe


English Edition


The Story

A German is arrested in the Philippines…..
Watch the video on YouTube!


Short promotion on YouTube



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Instagram WordPress Telegram


The novel as picture story


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