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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present an excerpt from the chapter

16.02. Ma’am Papillio


The German Thomas Heger, who was arrested in the Philippines, has a last, private conversation with the investigator Police Superintendent Ma’am Papillio.


Then I sign the transfer certificate to the city jail. “Ma’am, what can I expect there? Do they have Internet?”

“I know the warden personally and have put in a good word for you. You get your own bed in the cell of the trustees. This cell is not locked. As a trustee, however, you will have to do small tasks.”

“Thank you very much for the good words you have put in there for me. Do they have Internet?”

“Warden Sir Ballmoro told me on the phone that there will be a solution. Officer Sarang had informed me that you asked for it.”

“The nice Officer Sarang.”

“You found a new friend,” says Ma’am Papillio happily. She’s getting serious again. “I would like to ask you something outside the protocol. The conversation today is also not an interrogation and will not appear anywhere. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.” Ma’am is visibly looking for words: “Do you like the little Filipinos? Because, you have chosen five very handsome boys for your journey. Isn’t there a little boy eroticism involved? Isn’t it the case that you not only like the boys, but love them?”

I swallow, have to digest what I have just heard, wipe the sweat from my face with the small cloth: “No, Ma’am!” Then I cough into the cloth: “Yes of course, I like them. I’m happy when they’re happy. When I can see the shining eyes. But no more!”

Ma’am looks at me with a standing Asian smile. Absolutely impossible to look behind it.

“Mr. Heger, I wish you all the best. I will take you to Officer Sarang now.” She looks at her little ladies‘ Rolex. “Today is Sunday. My little daughter is certainly eagerly waiting for me.”

End of excerpt.


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