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Chapter 15.05. online • Excerpt and preview • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

15.05. Family


The German Thomas Heger was arrested in Southeast Asia. He is accused of serious crimes. The police allow him to contact his family in Germany via the Internet. His Filipino friend Mik is also present in the police office. He is doing Skype now with parents and siblings.


“What is a trustee?”, Sabine interrupts me. The other waits spellbound behind her for my answer.

“Yes, well, these are detainees with special tasks. Open and close cells, distribute food. In any case, they are not locked away all day in a crowded, dirty and hot cell.” I bite my lower lip, curse myself and think: Overcrowded, dirty and hot I should have not told. I quickly add: “Mik and the friends from the village can come to visit me every day. This is all much better than here.” I quickly translate into English and add: “Unfortunately, I don’t see the nice Officer Sarang so often anymore. He stays here in his police station.” I laugh artificially.

“Tommy,” Uta shouts, “we’re really all very worried! Are you doing really well?”

“Yes, it’s okay!”, I answer with a hint of anger in my voice, because actually I want to get away from these questions — with the thoughts of my mother’s health. I try to steer the conversation in a different direction and point to Mik: “This is the father of one of the boys involved. My best friend here. He doesn’t leave my side and takes great care of me. His name is Michael, but everyone just calls him Mik. He is looking forward to seeing Sabine, mom and dad again. Where is Mickey?”

“Mickey!”, shout my older brother Lutz and immediately take the dog in his arms. „Look, Mickey, there’s Tommy on the computer.“ Mickey jaults and Mik is delighted.

“Oh, man, Tommy,” Harry groans, “You’re in the Philippine jail! We’ve seen reports on YouTube about the worst and most crowded prisons and all the dirt and garbage there. They don’t even have clean drinking water and commute there, crowded together, like the sardines in the can. Absolutely no privacy.” Lutz knows how to report: “Then the gangs there. You have to pay for your survival!” Holger, my youngest brother, goes one better and shouts: “Tommy, I don’t want to hang dead over the fence there!”

I see mom making a grimace and pressing the coffee pot into the stomach area. Her face is ashen.

My brothers, these idiots! Can’t they just shut up? I shout in an angry voice into the built-in microphone of the laptop: “Yes, this is certainly the case in Manila or in other major cities, but not….

End of excerpt.


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