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Chapter 15.04. online • Excerpt and preview • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

15.04. Disturbing news


The German Thomas Heger was arrested in Southeast Asia. He is accused of serious crimes. The police allow him to contact his family in Germany via the Internet. His Filipino friend Mik is also present in the police office.


“Tommy, no Skype and no Mickey today?” wonders Mik.

“Yes, right away. I first replied to my boss. I’m sending text messages to my family that I’m online now. At 5 p.m. we have an appointment.”

The SMS is sent quickly. I hope I have time to read my dad and sister’s emails before Skype rings.

Mik is busy with an easy game in the new cell phone.

Dad’s e-mail first. He writes, if I am actually not well, I should not write this to mom by SMS and not show it when we do skype! She had been in the hospital a few times because of this chronic intestinal history — Crohn’s disease — for a long time. I know that and we must carefully with! He is very worried about mom, because she is getting more nervous by the day. He notices this in the increased cigarette consumption and the trembling of her hands. Mom has also been complaining about pain in the intestines since yesterday. I close the disturbing e-mail with wet eyes. Because I don’t want Mik or Sarang to notice my depression, I cough artificially and wipe my eyes with my little cloth. I have a dull feeling in my intestines.

In my brain it hammers: Damn, now mom gets a Crohn’s disease relapse, and I’m to blame! ? The sweat is on my forehead, and I have to wipe my face. “Damn shit!”

Mik is just putting two cups of hot water on the table. He obviously noticed the change in my state of mind: “Tommy, what’s going on? You have red eyes.”

“My mom is not doing well. It’s because of me. She is in worry. Mik, it’s because of this story. This bitch of social worker does not know what she is doing. I hate this woman! My parents have their illnesses. This Solano destroys ….

End of excerpt.


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