Journey into Disaster • Chapter 15.01. online • Two Germans, one Filipino •

Chapter 15.01. online • Excerpt and preview • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

15.01. Two Germans, one Filipino


The German Thomas Heger was arrested in Southeast Asia. Now two Germans visit him accompanied by a Filipino attorney.


What a surprise! Wolfgang Schmidt, Frank Matschulat and a Filipino unknown to me enter Officer Sarang’s office. Kagawad Jacub Castro jumps up, he seems to know the local. They greet each other like old friends. Mik and his Vicente move tightly into a corner on the bamboo cane bench, making way for Frank, who is over two metres tall and the Filipino. When sitting down, we greet each other briefly. Wolfgang Schmidt settles down on a flat bamboo chair, puts a bunch of keys on the table and I understand that he is the driver of the group of three. Jacub is still delighted and introduces the bald gentleman: “Tommy, this is Attorney Andrada Rodjen Miomoto Tensung from Sendong City.”

The funny-sounding long name of the attorney puts a smile on my face. He will be about the same age as me. Maybe about his late forties. Obviously, he doesn’t weigh much less than me, but he’s no taller than about a meter and seventy centimeters.

The attorney rises a little, reaches out to me in greeting and shares with a broad grin: “Just call me Attorney Tensung. I have Japanese roots.”

The fact that he guesses my thoughts makes him sympathetic. But maybe many react to his name like I do.

“Nice to meet you!” We talk in English so that Attorney Tensung understands what is being spoken.

The attorney looks at Vicente: “Aren’t you the daughter of Commander Tanio? The unofficial rebel leader of the communist New People’s Army?”

Vicente appears embarrassed. “Yes, that’s my father,” she replies sadly.

“Your father was a truly respected citizen of our city. Of course, at the time it was only assumed that your father was a rebel leader and commander. To this day, there is no evidence of this. Sad story of how he had to give his life in one of these unspeakable purges.”

Vicente’s voice sounds bitter: “He, his brother and two others were brutally shot with a machine gun!”


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