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Chapter 15.00. online • Excerpt and preview • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

15.00. The next shock


A new day! The German, Thomas Heger, was arrested in Southeast Asia and now has visitors in the police station. P


Yesterday’s visit day of the parents and friends from the village I would call a failure. Damn, how can I untie the Gordian knot as quickly as possible? As almost always, I end the useless brooding without result.

I hear key clanging at the fence gate and a cheerful Officer Sarang shouting: “Good morning, Mr. German! Did you sleep well? I heard that it was a bit louder last night?”

I turn the reddened spots on my hands shamefully out of Sarang’s field of vision, because my freak out is now terribly embarrassing. Anyway, nothing broke. I am relieved, because the noise will probably not have any consequences. These wonderful sounds of the cracking lock and the squeaking of the cell door when opening delight me.

“First, take a shower, Mr. Tommy, um, Mr. Heger. You will be happy, because your loyal friends are already waiting for you and have brought a hearty breakfast with them.”


Vicente embraces me wildly and warmly as a greeting. Mik and Kagawad just shake my hand. I feel good, because I took a shower and have breakfast with my friends now. In fact, today there are no sweet rolls, but a strong chicken soup with rice. Of course, we drink the sugar-sweet instant coffee with it.

We’ve eaten for a few minutes, when Kagawad suddenly asks: “Sir Sarang, what’s next for our Tommy?”

Surprised, I look up from my soup.

Officer Sarang answers frankly: “Next week, Mr. Heger …

End of excerpt.


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