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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

14.05. Joy and suffer


The parents, relatives and some friends talk to the sons, who are still under custody of the BSWD Youth Home.


Kagawad Jacub Castro stays with the driver of the Jeepney and some other friends from the village in the parking lot of the Youth Home of the BSWD. They park in the shade under huge mahogany trees, silent and smoking. This arrogant chief prosecutor has hurt us a bit. I do not want to face this again, Jacub muses bitterly. And I definitely don’t feel like meeting these BSWD Tugalm City employees now. What a blow of people these officials are, that’s well-known. Give people just a bit of power and immediately they become unpleasant contemporaries. No, I can do without these people and their stupid chatting now. Escandor is enough for me for today. He’s tired of thinking. How good that a flatbed of the Jeepney is unoccupied. Kagawad snaps the Marlboro away, makes himself long and dozes off on the spot.


What a joy of reunion! Aboy is visibly under stress and can’t decide who to fall around his neck first: his father Romolo, big brother Silas, uncle Richard or uncle Wilfredo with aunt Rosita? Beside himself with joy, thick tears run down his round cheeks. Silas helps the little brother to blow his nose and dries the tears from his face. Uncle Richard and Wilfredo and his wife Rosita are amused by Aboy.

Richard smiles mildly: “Aboy, you’re just pretending you haven’t seen us for a month.”

For Aboy, two weeks is like a month. He smiles crookedly and sobs a little: “But that was a month — wasn’t it?” He sniffs himself in Sila’s little cloth, grins from one ear to the other, pulls something out of his trouser pocket and then opens the children’s fist: “Look here, I lost at the dentist! Didn’t hurt at all.”

Papa Romolo, Brother Silas and all others laugh.

Aunt Rosita strokes the nephew’s hair: “You’re already a big boy.”


Philipp has squeezed between Vicente and Mik. His head is alternately on mom’s or dad’s shoulder. “I miss you so much!” he says sadly. “When can we finally go home?”

Vicente recalls that the chief prosecutor did not answer Rica’s question about when the children would be allowed to return. That’s why she has no answer and whispers: “I think, soon, Phil. The police are already done with the investigation. Why should they keep you here?”

Phil is satisfied and sighs: “And Tommy? Can he go back to the village soon?”

Mik replies: “Certainly, Phil.”

Phil and his four fellow sufferers look with wide eyes at the treats that Aunty Edin and Rosita have set up on the table of the canteen. The educator Ma’am Burque and
Aunty Edin’s little daughter helps diligently.


Sam also seeks parental care and sits contentedly between Rica and Ernesto. He puts both arms around the necks of his parents. His big brother Jonathan stands behind Sam and massages Sam’s shoulders. Happiness is written on Sam’s face.

Rica watches the preparation of the table with food brought along: “Look what we cooked for you.”

“Yes, mom and dad, it’s almost like a fiesta in the village or a birthday!” replies Sam happily.


Dan lies half on his mother. “Mom, did you cry?” he asks worriedly, wiping a little smeared eye shadow from Lang’s face with his cloth. Lang doesn’t like that at all. Dan gives her his little cloth and now she wipes the outer corners of her eyes herself. “No, no, I didn’t cry, Dan, I just swallowed myself earlier and had to cough.”

“Mom, I finally want to go back to you, please. Take us with you today!” His four friends from the village nod.

Jan, Dan’s big brother, stands next to his father Matthey and massages his left hand: “Dad, the boxing class! My teacher got boxing gloves, pants and a t-shirt for me! And now I’m not there. That’s not fair!” He looks briefly at Ma’am Burque, who is busy and distracted, and whispers sadly: “The BSWD is mean!”

“Everyone knows this my son,” Matthey replies emotionless. “We lack you in every nook and cranny. You on my many construction sites and Dan in the house. No one brings mother water and collects firewood. It can’t go on like this. You have to go back to us.”

“Yes, dad!” Jan replies briefly and massages his father’s hand more firmly. Dan also nods.



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