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Chapter 14.04. online • Excerpt and preview • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

14.04. Licking wounds


The parents and Kagawad [Mayor of the village] after visiting the prosecutor’s office.


The parents and the Kagawad have the horror on their faces. Aunty Edin and some others of the villagers jump up from their chairs as the group sneaks into the restaurant.

Aunty Edin shouts: “Not good?”

The answers are silence and lowered glances.

Kagawad, who always delights his surroundings with a boyish smile, looks badly battered. His eyes, which are otherwise bursting with zest for action, now lie deep in his face and his weather-tanned, healthy brown face color has an ash-gray hue. He, who always walks upright and proudly through life, sits curved, with a glassy look and wordless at the table. Aunty Edin and the others are confused and worried. The mothers Rica, Lang and Vicente have whiny faces, still sobbing and sniffing their noses from time to time. Vicente seeks comfort and puts her head on Aunty Edin’s shoulder. Aunty Edin’s little daughter immediately strokes Vicente’s hand and stammers: “Aunty Cente, all is fine, don’t cry.” The fathers Ernesto, Matthey, Mik and Romolo look grim and sit down at the big table, cumbersome and silent.

Ernesto suddenly cries out: “I said it right away, there is no point in going to the public prosecutor and there will be no point in talking to those from the BSWD. If only I had listened to my inner voice and I wouldn’t have gone here. At home, a broken net is waiting. I have to check the boat also. The holes in the hull are getting bigger and bigger and tonight we want to go fishing.”

Rica looks worried and admonishes her husband: “Ern, think about your blood pressure, please don’t get upset!”

Matthey gasps: “After this guy right now, I have absolutely no desire for the two employees from the BSWD.”

His wife Lang immediately protests: “But the children know that we are in the city. We have to visit them.”

Vicente, Rica, Aunty Edin and the teenagers Jonathan and Silas are also horrified. Vicente cries: “We can’t do that to the boys. I want to see my Philipp!”

Aunty Edin’s daughter hands Vicente her children’s handkerchief: “Don’t cry, aunty.” Vicente strokes the child’s hair.


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