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Chapter 14.02. online • Excerpt and preview • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

14.02. The visitors


The German Thomas Heger, who was arrested in the Philippines, has his friends from the remote village as visitors.


Michael is already hugging his wife Vicente. Meanwhile, I greet the parents and my friends: Ernesto and Rica Restito and their son Jonathan, Matthey and Lydia Barcella, she is only briefly called “Lang” by everyone and Romolo Taslig Senior, who came with his son Silas. I am happy about my friend, the local mayor Jacub Castro, who is called “Kagawad” by everyone and am also happy about the nice-looking Marielou, who brought her parents Wilfredo and Rosita Taslig. Mikel-Loy and his uncle Richard Taslig are torn between the joy of meeting and the worried pity they feel for me. In the faces of my visitors are joy and sadness. Frank’s neighbor from the village, she is the owner of the Jeepney, everyone calls her “Aunty Edin,” has even brought her four-year-old daughter. The child cheerfully calls my name when she sees me and immediately makes arrangements to hop on my lap after I have taken my seat again. Aunty Edin’s husband, like many Filipinos, is a seaman and at sea. Vicente’s mother Marie-Ann, a born Taslig, carries a large bag of cooked food, drinks, bread and fruit, which she places at my feet. Smiling, she says: “For you, Tommy. You must pray! Don’t forget to pray!”

I nod and croak a faint: “Thank you.” A lump presses on my vocal cords and I try to wash down the dumpling with a sip of mineral water that comes out of the bag.

There are other young people from the village. Some of whom I don’t even know by name. They nod encouragingly at me with a standing smile and remain silent at a distance on the walls. Now everyone looks at me expectantly. Suddenly there is a depressing silence. The seconds pass and it bursts out of me: “What is your plan? Who do you want to visit first? The prosecutor, the attorney or the children? Do you want to talk to the police?“ I’m looking at Officer Sarang.

“Oh, Ma’am Papillio apologizes. She has an important appointment with the boss, um, with our major.”

Kagawad replies: “Franco said the attorney wouldn’t come back to his office until around one p.m. We’ll first visit the prosecutor in the Hall of Justice. I hope he has time for us.”

“I hope so too! Where is Franco?”


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