Journey into Disaster • Chapter 14.01. online • Racism and man-hunting •

Chapter 14.01. online • Excerpt and preview • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

14.01. Racism and man-hunting


Alone in the Philippine dungeon, the German Thomas Heger comes up with stupid thoughts.


I’m frustrated and outraged. My story would never happen to a Filipino. No one would call the police. Just because I am a foreigner, the police have been called! Wherever the anonymous caller comes from — the village or from Tugalm City — it doesn’t matter. The fact “Foreigners” plays a decisive role. This is nothing more than a man-hunting for foreigners and racism! Or is this about money? About bounty? Perhaps the Youth Welfare Office receives subsidies or is financially supported in the event of complaints of abuse? The non-governmental organizations in the world can exploit this story extremely well for their purposes: the collection of donations. If only I had just gone back to Sendong City on the same day! “A foreigner with five little Filipinos at the hotel.” To me, too, this sentence sounds spectacular. A story with this headline certainly sells brilliantly in the media. I roll back and forth on the bet-mat: Isn’t this really about me or about the alleged victims, namely the five boys? Is this just about some people’s profiling addiction and above all about money? About my money? Is it about donations to governmental or non-governmental organizations? I can only guess. Did I approach the story too naively? What could I have done differently — better? Should I have insisted on my rights much more aggressively from the beginning? But if that had led to the goal — my release? Would the police then treat me as courteously as they have done so far? This Attorney De Baron seems to be a mistake. I couldn’t have known that. I want to give him one more chance. He must immediately submit an application to lay down the proceedings for lack of evidence and should not torch for long, but immediately submit the application for bail. Something must finally be done – as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, I stand at the lattice bar door of the cell and shake it slightly, but I would rather hit and kick wildly against it. I have to hold back so as not to shout from the full throat: “Fuck in the hell, finally let me out of this inhumane hole — that lousy dungeon! Not even animals are kept like that! What gives the Philippines the damn right to humiliate me like that? Release me!”

But finally, there! Officer Sarang hurriedly arrives the corner of the building. In his hand he carries the key chain.

Frustration and anger give way to boundless joy when Officer Sarang cracks the padlock and squeaks the cell door. “Your friend Mr. Kabaltos is already waiting. He bought breakfast. But I think you probably need a shower first.”

“Oh yes, a shower and a good coffee, that’s what I need now. A new day, sir, let’s see what it brings.”

“I hope only good things, Mr. Heger.”


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