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Chapter 14.00. online • Excerpt and preview • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

14.00. Youth Home at night


Some boys talk at night in the Youth Yome.


Dan sobs and whispers softly: “Jan.” But he sleeps deeply and Dan shakes the shoulder of his big brother more violently: “Jan, wake up!”

Finally Jan moves. It takes a moment, then Jan rubs his eyes and sits up. Dan immediately snuggles up to Jan and says in a choked voice: “Jan, I think mom and dad have already forgotten us, because they don’t visit us anymore. I miss them, our sisters and the whole village very much. When will we finally go home?” Dan begins bitterly to cry. It is difficult for him to formulate his next question: “And why are we here?”

Jan is looking for something to clean Dan’s howling and sweaty face, but finds only his little cloth and tries to calm his brother while drying tears: “Dan, now stop crying. We have been here for so long and since Monday is school. They have to send us to school soon and me to my boxing training.”

“Yes, but why the moms don’t come anymore? They were always here. Now they have gone back to the village and have already forgotten us. That’s right, Jan?” Dan slowly calms down.

“What are you doing?” murmurs Phil drowsily.

“Nothing, we’re just talking because Dan has woken up,” Jan replies softly.

“Now I can’t sleep,” says Phil, who has now come to the brothers and sits down with them.

“Me either.” Dan sniffs his nose.

“Why did you cry?” Phil wants to know.

“Oh, I dreamed we would stay here until we grew up and no one would visit us. Then I woke up and was very sad. Jan slept and didn’t hear me.”

Jan shakes his head: “And I dreamed I caught two kilos of the best fish and wanted to sell it in the village. I was already looking forward to the 300 Pisos and then you wake me up.”

The three boys giggle.



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