Journey into Disaster • Chapter 13.04. online • The world keeps turning •

Chapter 13.04. online • Excerpt and preview • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

13.04. The world keeps turning


The German, Thomas Heger, arrested in the Philippines, has conversation in the office of the police station.


Officer Sarang has thought of soap and a brush, but scrubbing hands in the CR takes time. The black color of the stamp pad seems waterproof. Back in Sarang’s office, Franco jumps up. He took a seat in the sitting area.

I am honestly surprised: “Franco, you are here? You’re not in General de Santos, back at university? Did you still see Mik when you came? He’s going to Attorney De Baron. We can’t find this guy, although I desperately need him now!”

“No, I didn’t see Mik. Tommy, we talked in the morning. The parents, Marielou, the Kagawad and some other friends were present. We had the idea to rent a bus. Aunt Edin, Frank’s neighbor in the village, would provide her Jeepney. Then all parents and some friends could visit you tomorrow morning. We could pick up De Baron and come here, talk to the policewomen and then go to the prosecutor in the Hall of Justice. We want to make it clear that your story is not true. That’s why all parents and your friends stand by you. But we need money for this! The Jeepney needs oil and gasoline and of course the rent for Edin. Then also something for the driver and of course food for everyone. It’s about sixteen people. If you agree, I would return to Sendong City today to bring the money there.”

Mentally, I’m drifting away and hear Franco only as if through cotton wool. Exhausted, I sit on the flat bamboo chair, with a sad face and hanging corners of my mouth. My rigid gaze goes nowhere. The sudden calm makes me frightened.


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