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Chapter 13.00. online • Excerpt and preview • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

13.00. No idea, no knowledge


A new day begins. What will the German Thomas Heger, who was arrested in the Philippines, experience?


In the office of the police station

The office door opens, and the police student brings the rolls and mineral water. Mik follows him, who also proudly carries a bag of rolls.


After a short and warm greeting, it bursts out of me: “Mik, how was the meeting yesterday? What was the result?”

“Nothing at all, just like in the BSWD.” Mik suddenly appears, as if he has accidentally leaked a secret.


Mik blows embarrassed into the hot coffee: “Yes, so, the BSWD in Sendong City had invited us parents.”

“And what did they want from you?”

“Actually, just hear how we feel about you, why the children have been with you and how long we have known you. But we showed them from the BSWD that we stand by you! We pointed that out very clearly!” Mik prefers not to tell anything about Ernesto’s, Rica’s and Lang’s strange behavior.

I am uncertain and surprised about the meeting in the BSWD and wonder why the BSWD invites the parents and not the police: “Were the Kagawad, Franco and Marielou also there?”

“No, Tommy, just us parents. Even Romolo’s ex was present. But she didn’t talk much, because she was drunk the night before.”

“What about your meeting? The parents and friends wanted to sit down together?”

Mik giggles: “That’s why Romolo’s ex was drunk. Of course, we, all fathers, also had a drink. Franco got Tanduay Rum, beer and something to eat. The mood was good!” Mik also conceals the dissonance between Romolo’s ex-wife, Ernesto, Rica and Lang and the rest of the parents.


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