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Chapter 12.03. online • Excerpt and preview • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

12.03. The hope dies last


Heger in the dungeon and his friend Mik in the village.



With a Sunday newspaper I’m constantly moving air to me. Do I sweat so much because of the wagging or because of the tropical heat?

I have already tipped the bottle with the urine out of the cell window several times. The rain washes that away immediately. For dinner there are spongy-soft rolls and lukewarm water. In keeping with the situation, a saying comes to mind that makes me smile: Stricter prison conditions with water and bread. My renewed concern about the running out of drinking water makes me use it sparingly. I don’t even dare to think about making phone calls: What would I do with it? It’s Wednesday. My parents certainly have one of their many doctor’s appointments. Sabine and Marie are working. It would be interesting to know if the Embassy in Manila can help. Carefully I take the two steps from the bed to the cell door and back again. “Damn it,” I curse, because like this morning, the company comes to mind, “I urgently need to let them know that I’m not appearing next Monday. My boss, dear colleagues, and even the entire company are waiting for me. They will probably wait in vain. What will happen to my new project? I have to get out of here and talk to the stupid attorney on the phone. Damn it! He has to pull out all the stops to somehow get me out of here. And then quickly get away here. Maybe with a vessel first to Indonesia or Sumatra, then back to Germany and afterwards, never again to the Philippines!”

I successfully suppress the burgeoning bitterness and despair with distraction. I simply sketch the incorrectly solved Sudoku in my little book and solve them again. Successful this time.

Outside it is already dark, the rain does not subside and continues to dampen any noise. Around seven o’clock I finally fell asleep exhausted.



Mik is standing at a Sari-Sari store in the village and is currently buying five More cigarettes for a total of 15 Piso. When fishing the coins out of his wallet, he notices the small folded blue thousand note in the right corner of the always empty compartment for paper money. He no longer had that money in mind. It was actually 2.000 Piso that Tommy gave yesterday for the children’s lunch today. However, the mothers Rica and Lang had refused the entire amount. So half of the money stayed with him because he didn’t dare to tell Tommy that the mothers had rejected some of the money. The two mothers have behaved strangely since their conversation in the BSWD in Tugalm City. Apparently, they distance themselves from Tommy. This surprises him very much, because without exception everyone in the village — as well as his wife Vicente and him — are sure that the story is just a huge misunderstanding and Tommy will soon be released.

1.000 Piso extra money, Mik reflects. He buys Coke, rolls and potato chips for two hundred Piso, brings it to Vicente and the children, who of course enthusiastically pounce on the treats. Mik quickly says goodbye to his family and heads for the Billiard Hall.

“Billiard Hall” is exaggerated, because there are only two worn and dusty tables for pool billiards. The sides of the coarsely made shed are open, and the roof is made of thin corrugated iron. Boys sit on the half-height wooden fence, watch the men’s game and discuss before each shot how best to play it. Mik enters the next game with 100 Piso and wins. The next game is scheduled for 200 Piso. He wins again and — to everyone’s delight — buys a bottle of Tanduay Rum. The mood is great and Mik in his element. Some friends notice that Mik has more cash than usual in his pockets. They invite him to card games. Here, he wins, so that his balance grows to over 2.500 Piso. Now is the best time to stop. Mik still thinks, but passion has gripped him. Less than three hours later, the entire amount is lost and worse, he goes home frustrated with 500 Piso of debt. He has a week to repay the borrowed sum. After all, he is not as drunk today as he was last night and tomorrow morning he wants to go back to Tommy. Four hours of sleep are enough. On the bamboo bench in front of his house he stretches out and nods immediately away.


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