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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

12.02. Criminal complaint?


The social worker of the BSWD in Tugalm City Ma’am Solano has made her decision and spontaneously made an appointment by phone with the chief prosecutor Escandor.


She has just knocked carefully on the office door on the ground floor of the Hall of Justice and is immediately invited in.

A few minutes later, the prosecutor and Ma’am Solano sit at the small meeting table. “So you want to take action again and create facts, Ma’am?” Sir Escandor opens the conversation after a short greeting.

“Ma’am, you don’t need to apologize. Is this your first criminal complaint this year?” The prosecutor laughs: “Well, the year is still young!” In a serious voice, he continues: “Last year there were four or five?”

“Sir, last year there were a total of eight criminal complaints. Two on Human Trafficking and six on Child Abuse. But only Filipinos were involved. I want to avoid such a breakdown as we made with the US-American.”

Sir Escandor laughs out loud again, causing Ma’am to wince: “You said breakdown, Ma’am?”

“Well, yes, you know, outwardly it was sold as a breakdown.”

The prosecutor quickly becomes serious again and pinches his eyes: “How do you personally see the evidence against the German?”

The social worker dodges the question: “Sir, I can only repeat here what I have heard from the five little boys.” She clears her throat and visibly searches for words: “And the children reported something about masturbating and playing with the private organs in the hotel room. Why should little boys at that age do this voluntarily?”

“Little boys? Well, the guys are not that small, Ma’am Solano.”

“By all due respect, sir. Personally, I am convinced that something happened between the German and the children. But I think it is the task of the judiciary to bring the truth to light and to punish the perpetrator accordingly harshly.”

“Yes, Ma’am, that’s already clear, but if you only reproduce what you have heard from the boys, then it is hearsay and actually as a basis for a criminal complaint would be inadmissible.”

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