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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

11.02. Today and tomorrow


Thomas Heger, arrested in the Philippines, talks to his visitor Franco.


Mik sits in a Motorela again and alternately gnawing his left thumbnail or dragging on the cigarette. The children reacted sadly when we had to explain that only Silvia would visit them tomorrow. After all, the mothers Rica and Lang agreed to take half of Tommy’s money for the boys‘ meal. Now Mik still has 1.000 Piso from Tommy’s money in his wallet and does not dare to give it back. He prefers not to mention the new dislike of the mothers toward Tommy. He will also not tell him about the conversation with Ma’am Solano and the planned visit of the parents to the BSWD Sendong City tomorrow morning.

He’s brooding: Everyone is afraid, or at least has great respect, for the mighty BSWD. Anyone who messes with this state organization will feel the consequences immediately. It affects the poor especially. The family is suddenly no longer on the list, when the BSWD, accompanied by doctors from abroad, visits the village for a general examination of the children. Or if there was another typhoon. Rice rations from the “National Food Authority”, drinking water, food parcels, blankets and hygiene articles are then donated to everyone. Of course not for people who are — or have been — in a dispute with the BSWD. The arbitrariness of the BSWD is also notorious. How quickly are children torn from families for no reason? The BSWD is an octopus, has stretched its arms in all directions and is talking everywhere.

Mik is intimidated and unsettled. He reminds the story about his wife’s uncle — Aboy’s father: Romolo’s wife! She ran away with a younger lover and what did the BSWD do? They took the youngest children out of Romolo’s house and put them to their mother. And why? Certainly only because the lover’s father was a higher employee of the BSWD Sendong City.

The Motorela is about to reach the police station. Nevertheless, Mik nervously lights the next and whispers: “Damn it, if only Tommy hadn’t slept in the hotel or I would have traveled with him. Tommy asked me and I idiot went fishing. If I had been with Tommy’s company as an adult Filipino, it would never have occurred to anyone to call the police. Jesus Christ, what a stupid story.”


Meanwhile at the cell forecourt

“Tommy, I waited outside for over two hours. Burger and french fries are cold now.”

“Doesn’t matter, Franco, it still tastes good!” I answer with my mouth full and drink a little of the warm Coke. “Nice shirt, oh, the Timberlake brand. It looks expensive.”

“No, no, Tommy, that was greatly reduced. You don’t believe it, but it only cost 195 Piso.”

“And the new sandals, also reduced?”

“Gaisano has a special sale. Everything has to be sold.”

“Aha,” I say between bites, “everything has to be sold. I have to go there too! But how?”

“Franco, don’t just withdraw money from the ATM without my knowledge!”

“But Marielou asked for 1.000 Pisos more than you wanted to give her. I didn’t tell you that because, because not that you get angry.”

“And the other 1.000?”

”Sorry, Tommy, my sister’s little boy is in the hospital, so she asked if you could help her.”

I interrupt Franco: “Just ask me beforehand, Franco. Then everything will be fine.”

“Yeah, okay, Tommy, I’ll do it next time, I promise.”

“And what about De Baron? He wanted to come over. Damn it, I have to speak to the guy. He suggested such ominous ways.” I repeat the attorney’s words sarcastically: “I know them all!”

“We talked about that too. I’m supposed to talk to the parents about a financial solution to the problem.”

“But what is there to talk about? The parents stand by me!”

“Just to be safe, Tommy. This is just to be safe.”

“When do you want to talk to them?”

“I’ll talk to Ernesto and Matthew tomorrow afternoon. Because I’m making a stopover in Sendong City when I travel back to General de Santos. Uncle Mik and Uncle Romolo are certainly not the problem. I don’t necessarily have to talk to them.”

“So you told the attorney that I needed to speak to him urgently when you were in the law office?”

“Of course I asked the attorney about that. You sent me there.”

“Now, when is the guy coming?” I ask impatiently, wiping the grease off my mouth and chin with the napkin. “The burger was delicious!”

“That’s the problem. De Baron has over the day court hearings. From Wednesday to Friday he is on training. So he can only talk to you on Friday or on Saturday.”

I choke on the watery Coke, jump up and explode: “Damn it, that can’t be! Tell me this is not true!”

Visitors look scared. Quickly I’ll sit down again and hike: “After he got the whole money, he has already lost the interest — or what?”

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