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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

11.00. Friends


Thomas Heger, German, arrested in the Philippines, has a visit from his friend Mik. But what happens in the Attorney’s Law Office?


A terrible day was followed by a terrible night, and what should I expect from the new day? It can only get terrible. The bag solution must be used around four in the morning, as there is neither a toilet bowl nor a hole in the floor. Except for the ailing double bed, my belongings, some livestock, the insects, the heat, the stench and the loneliness, there is nothing here. I shudder when I’m thinking that the bags of excrement have to be piled up behind the cell dorm.

A kingdom for a refreshing shower and a pot of coffee. These are my main wishes. I brood over the attorney: It is, of course, difficult to reclaim the 120k Piso that has already been paid out and then I have only weak arguments: Sir De Baron, the policewomen don’t like you and therefore recommend Attorney Pizarro. That’s because he’s a professional at letting foreigners go home on suspected abuse cases and outsmarting the Filipino judiciary. Even if the topic is really not to laugh, I have to grin with my strange thoughts and come to conclude: So absurd my thoughts are, as absurd would be a change in the current situation to another attorney. I can also ask De Baron about the second way — to get rid of the misery quickly. During our conversation in Officer Sarang’s office, the attorney indicated these ominous paths quite clearly. How did he express himself? He knows them all in the court, in the BSWD and in the police. That’s what he said. I need to talk to him. Hopefully, Franco let De Baron know yesterday that I had to speak to him.

My thoughts are now with Franco, and I am very surprised: What’s the matter with these guy? He got 2.000 Piso from the ATM and collected it. He only sent 2.000 and none — as he says — 3.000 Piso to Marielou. I’m quite sure of that, and I’m already looking for the receipt from Western Union for this money transfer, but I only find the receipts for four times 2.250 Piso from the ATM for this day. Frustrated and resigned, I no longer have the strength to waste further thoughts on it.

The bed on the edge of which I sit groans and creaks at the slightest movement. The left hand has neither deteriorated nor improved. The young nurse ordered yesterday to take one tablet of antibiotics every eight hours. I’ve already taken two out of ten tablets. At eight o’clock I have to take the third tablet. I lie down on the bed again, light up the cobwebs on the bed above me with the LED on the lighter and start counting the insect bodies that have been sucked out. “Jesus, send Mik to me as soon as possible! Amen.”


“Mr. Heger, toilet, shower, visitor!” The bunch of keys jingles, the padlock cracks and the lattice door creaks. Wonderful noises and words waft softly to me through the fog of a nap. Now it also smells of coffee and fresh bread rolls. Life can be so good.

It’s eight o’clock and the cloudless sky presents itself in an obscene azure blue. I take a sip of coffee and visit the small bathroom next to my cell. Ten minutes later Mik and I drinking coffee and eating the still warm bread rolls. The morning bustle surrounds us. Detainees are on the way to the bathroom, others are prepared for visiting the court.

“Sorry, Tommy, for coming so late today, but I had to play cards with the security guards at the gate until late at night.”

“Lost or won?”

“All in all, I have neither lost nor won.”

“Mik, do you remember how much Franco Marielou sent?”

“No, not really, but it was 2.000 Piso, wasn’t it?”

“I feel the same way.”

“Did you ask Franco yesterday when you checked your account?”

“Yes, but I can’t find the Western Union receipt. I don’t know how much he sent Marielou. It doesn’t matter now, Mik.”

Suddenly he looks embarrassed and offers me a cigarette: “Vicente sent me a text message because I can’t go fishing and she has no more rice in the house.”

I put the cigarette in my mouth and pull the wallet out of the trouser pocket: “How much does she need?” Immediately I change my speech: “I’ll give you 2.500. Then you can send her something. But also keep money for you.”

“Thanks, Tommy! I promised the boys to visit them today. Is it okay, I’ll go at nine o’clock?”

“Yes, of course, the boys need you! But send a message to Franco. He should come here as soon as possible.”


Meanwhile, in Attorney De Baron’s Law Office.

“The 120K was booked yesterday.” De Baron grins crooked and his hair shines oily in the cold neon-light: “Okay, your two client brokers, as our appointment, 10k for each of you as a commission.”

Franco and the Pastor of the Born Again Church are satisfied with the blue thousand bank notes.

“Brother, such an amount you never had obsessed in your life? Is this true? Hallelujah!”

Franco answers: “Indeed no, father! Amen!”


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