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Chapter 10.07. online • Excerpt and preview • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

10.07. Stress

The German, Thomas Heger arrested in the Philippines, is looking for a solution to the problem, past the judiciary. He speaks with police officer Sarang about it.


“The policewomen hinted at something like that. How should I say it, sir? Well, Attorney Pizarro let the American go home! The one with the girl in the hotel. So to speak through the back door — past the judiciary. Sir Sarang, I’m thinking of changing attorneys. Surely Attorney Pizarro can do more for me than De Baron, since he has experience in such things and knows how to solve such problems.”

“Don’t panic! And be very careful with such things. I do not want to say the c-word here. You would not be the first who loses a lot of money in stories like that. Then, Mr. Heger, the parents are standing on your side. The American and his attorney had to manage only one parent pair, but you with four! That would cost you a lot of money and finally there is no charge against you yet. So, stay calm!”

“That’s what the prosecutor also said: there is no charge yet. He has wondered why the attorney has already made Witness Affidavits of the parents and some friends.”

“Did your attorney do that?”

“Yes, Sir!”

“That’s indeed unusual.”

“If the money is not yet transferred to De Baron, I’ll talk to Attorney Pizarro again. I hope my acquaintance in Sendong City has not received the money from Germany yet.”

Franco and Mik come into the office.

I’m blinking to the officer: “Change of topic.”


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