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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

10.06. BSWD Youth Home

The mothers Rica and Lang have a stressful conversation with the head of the Youth Welfare Office — BSWD.


The three women sit at the table in the corner of the office. Sir Sala works at his desk. The kitchen help brings a tray with biscuits, cups with hot water and instant coffee.

Ma’am Solano opens the conversation: “It is perhaps even a good thing that the father with the braid — That is Mr. Kabaltos? — is not present today. Is he visiting this German in the police station again?”

“Yes, ma’am, he’ll definitely be going there directly,” replies Rica. Lang nods.

“And you? Are you so fond of the Heger too?”

“No, we know Tommy only briefly,” replies Lang.

“But it’s been a long time,” adds Rica. “My husband and some friends drink one with Tommy now and then.”

“And how is your relationship with the Kabaltos family?”

“Not very close,” replies Rica. Lang confirms this with another nod.

“Ms. Kabaltos is considerably younger than you?“

“Oh, yes, that’s correct. I could be Vicente’s mother,” answers Rica and goes nervously through her hair.

Lang has a worried face: “Vicente got Phil very early. I remember she was only sixteen. Or was she already seventeen?”

“You don’t believe, ma’am, what was going on in the village when it became known that Vicente was impregnated by this guy.” Rica gets red spots on her cheeks, sweats and is outraged: “Vicente was still half a child.”

Now Lang gets upset too: “And Mik — meaning Mr. Kabaltos — he ran away, just left the poor child alone. He hidden himself in the mountains. But the men from our village tracked him and he had the choice: marriage or imprisonment.”

Ma’am Solano listens attentively: “Yes and how is the economic situation of the family?”

Rica is excited: “Not good! He doesn’t have a permanent income.”

Lang sighs: “The opposite is true! He is a gambler, drinker and chain smoker.”

Rica shakes her head and is indignantly: “Ernesto, my husband, always says he is a Good-for-nothing person. A real wastrel!”

“Oh, your husband, Ma’am Restito, he talked to the chief of the BSWD in Sendong City early. Did you know that?”

“Yes, yes, of course, ma’am. The boss of the BSWD in Sendong City is a cousin of my husband.”

“I’ve learned that, and I had a long call with your husband’s cousin. By the way, a very nice colleague of us.” She looks at Sir Sala and says: “Something will happen in Sendong.” Ma’am Solano is now focusing on the mothers and emerges seriously: “Neither here in Tugalm City nor in Sendong City we tolerate such people like this German!”

“But what do you mean, Ma’am?” Rica, who responded, and Lang are scared by ma’am’s tone.

Ma’am Solano gets very angry: “Such people like this Heger come to our country, abuse our children, go back to their country, do not come back at all and our society has to live with these damaged, traumatized children. The children have to go for psychological treatment. We have far too few psychologists or other staff because there is hardly any budget for them.”

Sir Sala suddenly stands at the table and speaks loudly and insistently, so that the mothers inevitably flinch: “We all pay for this sex tourism! That is why it must be fought consistently and with all means.”

The mothers are intimidated. Rica tries to defend Tommy: “But he’s not like that!”

Lang stands by her best friend Rica: “In more than twelve years there has never been anything negative about Tommy and the children have always enjoyed being with him. He just has a big heart and a good hand with children.”

Rica adds: “And if the roads weren’t so bad, they wouldn’t have stayed in the hotel at all. Then none of this would have happened.”

Sir Sala has meanwhile sat down with the women and takes a deep breath: “Why are you still defending this German? You’d better stand by your children!”

Rica and Lang are deeply insecure and hardly dare to breathe.

Ma’am Solano jumps up, goes around the table and yells: “You have to decide! This Heger or your children. We Filipinos have to stand together in the fight against such crimes!”

Sir Sala looks at the mothers pityingly: “Your husband, Ma’am Restito, has already decided on the right side. At least that’s what we heard from Sendong City.”

Rica stutters: “I, I haven’t called Ernesto today.”

Ma’am Solano sits back at the table. She looks at the mothers with pity: “Ma’am Restito, your husband works, well paid, for some government organizations. Do you really want to risk that for a foreigner?”

Sir Sala fixes Lang: “And your husband is constantly involved in lucrative building projects in Sendong City. Work with us, and there could be more orders! Quite apart from the school support for your children. There are special aid programs. Especially in cases like this.”

Ma’am Solano looks sternly over the reading glasses she has just put on: “And finally think of your sons!” Then she looks briefly at her watch and says in a soft voice to the mothers: “Go a little longer to the children — they need you.”



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