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Chapter 10.05. online • Excerpt and preview • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

10.05. City Hospital

The German, Thomas Heger arrested in the Philippines, makes its own experiences in a public city hospital.


Nobody in the hospital stares at me as shamelessly as in the Hall of Justice. Here are chaos and a state of emergency reign. The hallways are overflowing with people. It’s loud and turbulent. There is a crescent-shaped reception counter, but we walk past it quickly while Ma’am Papillio nods to the receptionist. She signals to go straight ahead. We come to a room where patients are waiting for admission or first aid. There are no medical devices or monitors, but countless treatment tables next to each other on the wall, which can be separated from each other by dingy light blue curtains. Opposite is the waiting area, which is also well filled with people of all ages. Sick, injured, infirm with their relatives, but also with a few police officers. I am asked to take a seat. A motionless grandfather is lying on the first treatment table, next to him is an approximately 11-year-old boy who is patiently using the bellows of the resuscitator that his grandfather has on his mouth and nose. I cannot say whether the old man is still alive. The boy does his job dutifully, calmly and evenly. His eyes brighten when he sees me. A few other children are standing around the bed, looking curious and fascinated. They smile at me — the long nose — with friendly faces. None of the children cry. But the baby on the next table yells all the louder. His mother, sitting on the treatment table, desperately tries to calm her child down. It’s hectic behind a drawn curtains. Apparently, the case is currently tying up all the strengths of the station. The officer guarding the secluded scene is already talking animatedly with the officer accompanying us. The policewomen play with their cell phones.

I realize that the poorest of the poor are sitting here. But even in this room nobody is staring at me with killing glances as shamelessly as in the Hall of Justice or even pointing their fingers at me. No, the opposite takes place here. Without exception, I am greeted nicely by everyone, and I can feel the solidarity among each other.

Maybe because we are all feeling equally bad here? Maybe because one or the other has already been in the same situation as me, accompanied by three officers and handcuffed?

Franco tears me out of mind. “Tommy, what did the policewoman say to you in the police car earlier?”

“We talked about attorneys. Did you know that Attorney Pizarro, with whom I spoke first, rescued an American? He was picked up with an underage girl in the hotel.”

Franco only replies with an “Okay?”

“You, I have to reconsider Attorney De Baron.”

Franco reacts violently: “No, Tommy, don’t do that! Look how quickly De Baron reacted. How fast our Affidavits were done!”

“Let’s talk about it later,” I say. I don’t feel like doing long discussion at the moment and fortunately a young nurse is suddenly standing in front of me, examines me briefly, holds the back of her hand against my forehead, notices “No elevated temperature,” puts the cuff of the ancient blood pressure monitor around my upper arm without being asked and starts pumping. “No fever, normal blood pressure”, she sums up, makes a note of the patient sheet, asks me to go to a vacant treatment table, takes care of the anamnesis, cleans and skillfully bandages the wound and disappears into one of the offices. The little boy stoically presses the bellows of the ventilator, his siblings smile at me and the grandfather’s chest rises and falls in time with the kid. I wonder where the childrens’ parents are. A few minutes later the young nurse explains to me where the cash register to settle the bill is, gives me this and a prescription in my healthy hand and signals to Ma’am Papillio that the treatment has been completed.

I didn’t see the chief doctor. No wonder, with the chaos, I reflect as we leave the city hospital.


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