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Chapter 10.01. online • Excerpt and preview • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

10.01. New week, new day

Thomas Heger (Tommy) was arrested in the Philippines and has an interesting conversation with a police officer.


Only fifteen minutes later a young officer arrives and unlocks the cell door: “The officer is waiting for you in his office, but first you should visit the bathroom. You have an appointment today!”

“What appointment, sir?”

“The officer will brief you.”


I hurry in the bathroom. Why the officer does not just say what the appointment is about and why always does so much mysterious?

To my joy, Mik sits in the office and grins wide when I enter the room. A cup of hot water, instant coffee and the usual pastries are already ready. Even before I can ask Officer Sarang, it bursts out of Mik: “Tommy, today at ten o’clock at the prosecutor. Rica has sent me a text message.”

Officer Sarang takes a seat: “The prosecutor has sent us a subpoena for you on Saturday!” He becomes restless: “On Saturday they work really seldom in the Hall of Justice.” That is already strange. He sips the steaming coffee and continues: “I think he got pressure from anybody. We will see.”

I get a queasy feeling in my stomach area: “Are the children also ordered to come and what about the parents? My Attorney! Sir Sarang, my Attorney must come there too. He doesn’t know. The subpoena is now very surprising.”

“I’m not able to get your cell phone. But maybe your friend can call the Attorney?”</p
Immediately I take De Baron’s business card out of my wallet: “Mik, call the Attorney or send him a message. Because of my Affidavit, he wanted to visit me today also.“ I turned to the officer: „Sir, Ma’am Papillio will be present?”

“Sure!” Officer Sarang replies.

My left hand hurts slightly and looks not good, although I cleaned the wound — who left the handcuff — in the candlelight this early morning. “Sir, this should see a doctor. The back of the hand is ignited and even hurts a little.”

“I already noticed that. About eight o’clock the Ma’ams will appear here, then show that to her.”

We drink hot coffee, and I eat two bread rolls. Mik is faster back than I expected. I smell the cigarette smoke, and he is out of breath: “Cell phone Attorney is off. I sent a text, he should be at ten o’clock in the Hall of Justice.”

“Thank you!” I turn to the officer and ask cautiously: “Sir, what the prosecutor wants to know?”

“Well, he will first ask the children, to find out, if there is something, which would justify a trial against you.”

I choke myself on hot coffee and cough. This directness is new to me. I ask him directly back: “What are you thinking, sir, is the evidence enough for an indictment?”

Mik is quite excited and answers before the officer can do: “Never, Tommy, that’s a misunderstanding! I hope — we all pray for it — that the case will be dismissed in the prosecutor’s office.”


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