Journey into Disaster • Chapter 10.00. online • All alone •

Chapter 10.00. online • Excerpt and preview • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

10.00. All alone

What are the news in the Youth Home?


Dan wakes up from the hustle and bustle, which prevails in the hallway in front of the dormitory. It must be around six o’clock, because the horizontal slats of milk glass slices shine bright. The door opens, Ma’am Burque looks into the room, says “That’s not true!” and disappear.

“Jan, get up! Dodung, Bernie, Neko and the brothers are not here,” whispers Dan from the upper bunk bed and adds sadly: “All are gone! We are all alone now.” He climbs down to the brother. Jan wakes up abruptly, sits on the edge of the bed, rubs his eyes and looks at the empty beds in disbelief. Dan nestles to the brother and says sadly: “Jan, now we are all alone. No mom, no dad and no friends — nobody is with us anymore!”

Jan strokes Dan’s black hair: “Mom and aunt Rica come later, we are not alone. We are five friends here. Make the others awake.”

Dan sighs, shakes off the sadness and does as he is told. Phil, Aboy and Sam sit down next to the brothers, tired and drowsy, and look in disbelief at the empty beds.

“They really did it, I thought Dodung was crazy and having fun when he talked about running away,” whispers Phil.

Sam is deeply impressed, yawns and says: “Great!”

But Aboy is furious: “Fools! They let us here in the fucking Youth Home with this strange people alone. Great friends! I would have run away too, but you didn’t want to because you had shit in your pants!”

“It doesn’t matter now. They’re gone!” Jan tries to calm him down.


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