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Journey into Disaster

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9.03. Sunday in the Youth Home

The children – alleged victims of child abuse – have been under custody of the Social Welfare Office for a week. The parents visit the Youth Home and bring their sons lunch. What do the parents experience there?


Rica and Lang have been waiting for Vicente and Romolo for more than ten minutes at the first gate of the BSWD premises. The two mothers notice the crooked concrete block, which the BSWD emblem adorns.

Rica is surprised: “Did you see the footprints of the soles on the side?”

“Yes, someone was very angry.”

Vicente is coming. Rica and Lang are very impatient, because they want to visit their sons as soon as possible. The welcome is cold and Rica asks: “Vicente, what about Romolo and your husband?”

“Mik stayed with Tommy, so he has a visitor but doesn’t have to go back to the cell. Uncle Romolo got a text message from me that I’m on my way to the BSWD. But I didn’t get an answer. He knows that we have an appointment here.”

At that moment, a motorela stops, roaring loudly, from which Romolo with the help of Silas laboriously gets out. Rica, Lang and Vicente watch the spectacle.

Romolo brushes the dust off his half-length trousers and t-shirt and looks at the three in amazement: “Well, let’s go visit the boys. Supported by Silas, he hobbles past the mothers and goes to the second gate of the wire fence. The women follow father and son in silence.

Rica remembers the unpleasant scene a few days ago when she was turned away by the unkempt security guard after she rang the bell in the box on the fence. Her quick prayer is answered because it is not the unkempt but the young guard who appears.

A few minutes later, the four parents and Silas are sitting in the deserted canteen and waiting for their sons. Only one elderly woman is employed in the small kitchen. She washes dishes and now and then smiles at the visitors.

The door flies open, five boys sweep into the room and hug violently their parents.

Ma’am Burque follows them and says: “Well, well, you’re just pretending you haven’t seen your parents for years.”

Romolo and the mothers quickly turn away from the boys and begin to arrange the Tupperware boxes on the table. The friendly Kitchen aid gives plates, cups and cutlery. She will prepare the drink powder with water and ice to make fruit juice.

The children have only one question: “When can we finally go home?”


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