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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

9.02. An illegal phone call

Entire chapter

Vicente says goodbye, because she has an appointment with Rica, Lang and Romolo in the Youth Home. They want to visit their five sons and bring them Rica’s lunch. Mik stays as my visitor and I have not to go back to the damp cell. With his cell phone, he had unconsciously smuggled in his trouser pocket in the police station, and that is wrapped in my little cloth, I go to the right corner of the cell, where the garbage mountain was. There I am outside the observation area of the officers.

Quickly I send text messages with the same text to Marie, to my sister Sabine and my mother: “I secretly use Michael’s mobile phone. Is there something new from the Embassy? Have you reached something? I do not know about calling later. Rgds. T.”

Here it is 10:30 in the morning, 3:30 at night in Germany. Hopefully, I do not wake up my family.

But my younger sister Sabine calls back immediately: “Tommy, where are you? You secretly use the mobile phone from Michael?”

“Greetings, Tommy! How have you been the last few days?” calls a second voice. It is my niece Jessica, the daughter of my older sister Ute.

“I have to speak softly. They didn’t search Michael at the gate when they came in here. Imagine Michael and his wife Vicente staying overnight in the watchtower!”

Sabine and Jessica are obviously in a car and now use a speakerphone. Sabine is surprised: “Overnight in the watchtower?”

“Yes, at the barrier to the police station is a watchtower, which consists of concrete. Michael and his wife Vicente spent the night today and yesterday there. They didn’t want to sleep in a hotel. It would be a pity for the money, they said. I could not persuade the two. First, they have also talked about staying with relatives.”

“Uh, slept in the watchtower?” repeats Sabine.

“That’s the Philippines! Here is a lot possible. In the good as in bad sense.”

Jessica calls happily: “How are you doing, uncle? Hope you are fine and see you soon here!”

“Well, how am I supposed to be in this humble situation! I got myself into an absolutely stupid, crude story, Jessie. Where are you actually still so late at night?”

Sabine laughs: “Why late? Early!”

“We were at a techno-live concert. My ears are ringing,” shouts Jessica exuberantly. Unfortunately, it’s already over. It was great. Driving home now.”

“Well, very nice, you two pretty ones! Sabine, is there anything new?”

“No, Tommy, same situation like Friday. The Foreign Office and the Embassies are also closed for the weekend.”

“Could you send money? Did you contact Wolfgang Schmidt from Sendong City?”

“Marie takes care of financial matters. I didn’t talk to her yesterday. But we have set up a group on Facebook Messenger.”

„Well, Sabine, I have to register there, because so far I haven’t got Facebook. I hope I can use my laptop on Monday. Today on Sundays no one of the officers is on duty. I guess I cannot call today. You certainly want to sleep in the morning. In Germany it is the deepest night now and before you go to bed, it will probably be five o’clock. The parents and some friends from the village have already made testimonies for me on Friday at the Attorney. Sabine, it’s better to end the call now. Not that the officers catch me with an illegal phone. Then the special treatment would probably end immediately.”

Suddenly, Mik is in the cell door: “Tommy, more visitors are coming!” He keeps the raised index finger on his lips.

I whisper: “I have to end the call. More visitors to the other inmates are coming. Best regards to Jessie and all at home. Goodbye!” I hear the two young ladies saying “Good bye, Tommy!” I turn off the phone, wrap it in my towel and give it back to Mik. He puts it into his pocket and gives me my towel back.

The Officer appears with visitors at the gate of the fence, and Mik is doing as if he is inspecting the diligence bed.

We go back to the chairs in front of the cell.

“Hopefully Kagawad appears soon. Maybe Marielou, Silas and Jonathan with delicious food from Rica too? Slowly I get hungry. You said, you’re staying this week? That’s good, because without you I’m completely helpless here.”

Mik looks at me surprised. It seems his helpfulness and stand-on-my-side are so very self-evident and usual of him like the smoking of cigarettes. He holds the box promptly and with a wide grin under my nose. I have no choice, grab one, inhale deeply, cough with thick cheeks and laugh about the absurd situation. Mik looks first surprised but then laughs with me.

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