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Journey into Disaster

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9.01. Boys conversation

Some believe that the five Filipino boys from a small village became victims of sexual violence. The children are under custody of the Youth Welfare BSWD and talking to street boys and two other brothers.


The five friends from the village, the three street boys and the two brothers from the broken family have completed with some smaller children and educators the Sunday morning worship. This was held in a multi-purpose room of the Youth Home. The ten boys had the task to prepare the room: sweeping, wiping the dust away and arranging chairs. Decorating a table as an altar with a white tablecloth, a wooden cross, bible and two thin candles. A standing ventilator for the free time Pastor Sir Sala was also not missing. After the one-hour worship, they are just on the beds in the sleeping room.

“Thank God, Ma’am Solano isn’t here today. She is weird,” Sam opens the conversation.

“Weird?” says Aboy, “She’s really stupid!”

“I hate that she took our cell phones from us. I would like to play a game now. I’m bored,” sighs Jan.

“They cannot do that! Just got something away from us!” Phil says indignantly, “I want to call mom and dad.”

Phil’s friends nod.

“Ha!” replies Dodung, the oldest of the three street boys, “The BSWD can do anything.”

“We’re arrested, but haven’t done anything,” whispers Dan, Jan’s little brother, sadly.

The lanky 13-year-old Dodung answers: “I’ve said it before, you’re not arrested. That means “under custody.” When the story is over, you go back to mom and dad faster than you can think.”

Bernie and Neko, Dodung’s buddies, repeat with a big grin at the same time: “Back to mom and dad!”

“But Ma’am Solano said, when we do not tell the truth, we will stay in the BSWD until we are eighteen years old!” says Aboy and adds: “But not me — never! I’ll not stay in this weird Youth Home. We cannot do anything here. I want to go roaming around, swimming, riding my bike, playing basketball and go fishing. And my dad needs me! Because he has a Adrises.”

Dodung corrects: “You mean Arthritis?”

“Yes, Arthrises, Adrises, it’s all the same, you know?”

Dodung laughs loud: “Arthritis, Arthisis, Adrises,
Aboy has a big crisis.”

All boys laugh, just Aboy not. He plays for a moment with his two milk teeth — which the dentist has removed — but then laughs too.

Dodung comes back to Aboy’s topic: “The BSWD lies! Believe me! They will throw you immediately out of here when the story is over. The faster Tommy goes out of prison, the faster you go home. So, helping Tommy! By the way, the BSWD has barely enough money — to feed spoiled kids like you are — until you have become eighteen years old.”

Neko naughtily repeats: “To feed spoiled kids.”

“But we are not spoiled at all,” answers Dan with childish honesty.

“Ha! If you eat such delicious food every day as last week, then you are spoiled!” laughs Dodung. Bernie and Neko nodding and twitching their eyebrows.

“And your food is always so tasty,” Kyle turns into the conversation. His little brother Albert lies together with Kyle, like the brothers Jan and Dan, mostly in one bed. Albert is wiping over his flat belly: “And always so much.”

Dodung, Bernie and Neko are also rubbing their flat bellies.

“But when we are in the village, we usually have only Tamban and rice,” Phil reports.

“That’s true,” says Aboy, “or we eat other fish, or catch crabs. We all have no money. No money, no honey.”

After the laughing about Aboy’s joke, Sam grimaces: “Or we torture us with Corned Beef or Beef Loaf from cans. Ugh!”

Aboy laughs: “Or we claw coconuts!”

Jan is cheerfully: “Or picking forbidden green papayas or mangoes.”

“That great food that we eat at present, we eat actually only for Christmas, birthday or when we have Fiesta in the village,” says Sam.

Dodung looks thoughtfully: “Since the five of you have been here, we’ve been Fiesta every day. The hustle and bustle they do about you are really crazy: TV interview, always big and yummy breakfast and all are artificially friendly now.” The boys see Dodung deep breathing and grinning: “I want that too!” He jokes: “When I’m out of here, I’ll look for a foreigner, go with him in a hotel, call the BSWD and the TV and then (He claps loudly his hands.) — Bingo!”

“Dodung, you are going crazy!” Aboy comments and makes a stupid face.

Jan wonders also about Dodung’s thoughts: “Dodung, you sniffed too much Rugby-glue.”

Sam shakes his head: “Yes, yes, Rugby.”

Dodung doesn’t pay attention to the remarks.


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