Journey into Disaster • Chapter 9.00. online • Mik and Vicente •

Chapter 9.00. online • Excerpt and preview • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

9.00. Mik and Vicente

Thomas Heger (Tommy) was arrested in the Philippines. There are bad suspicions against him. Now he is talking with his friend Mik and his wife Vicente — parents of one of the five involved boys.


The shower with cold water is really good. I feel reborn and when I step out of the shower, Vicente and her Mik are already sitting there. Since they were the first visitors this morning, they managed to get hold of three chairs. The slowly circling Zombies from the other cells ignore us.

As yesterday, the greeting is very emotional. They brought with them freshly baked rolls, yeast pieces and four mugs of coffee on a carrier that actually has room for six coffee. Vicente guesses my thoughts, looks around quickly and whispers: “We gave two coffee to the officers at the gate.”

We grin surreptitiously: “So did they allow you to sleep in the watchtower again?”

“And we were even able to use the shower at the back of the tower,” explains Mik. He brought a kind of goulash of liver and kidney and rice in small bags for himself.

“Tommy, sorry we’re late.” Mik pours the rice and the goulash on the paper plate.

“We got into the tower late to sleep, because of the disco and the fireworks,” says Vicente happily.

“No problem, you two, I slept. Mik, what you have on your plate looks good.”

“Do you want?”

“No, no, buns and the yeast pieces are okay with me.”

“Mik doesn’t care about cakes and sweets,” explains Vicente and looks at her husband in love.

“Sweets? Except for Coke and you, of course,” Mik replies, and looks in love with Vicente.

We laugh and enjoy the minutes.

“Mik and Vicente, do you have a plan for when you want to go back to the village?” My voice sounds sadder than I want it to be.

“I’m staying, Tommy!” shouts Mik immediately and lights a More after breakfast.

“Unfortunately I have to go back today. School starts tomorrow and my little ones need me.”

“Vicente, you don’t have to apologize. I think everyone else will travel back too?”


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