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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

8.02. The Filipino way

Thomas Heger (Tommy) was arrested in the Philippines. There are bad suspicions against him. Now he discusses with his friends from the village “The Filipino way.” May this solve his problems?


I turn to Kagawad(*): “Did you talk to Attorney De Baron about a solution through the back door? The Attorney has told something like this.”

“You know, De Baron has been drunken so fast, it was not possible to have a long conversation with him.”

Romolo laughs: “Drinking master!”

Vicente, Romolo’s niece, says with a grin: “You, Mik, Kagawad and Attorney became fast best friends yesterday!”

Romolo beats his niece slightly.

Mik plays outrage: “Hey, do not hit my wife!”

We are happy and laughter cheerful.

“Oh, here is a good mood,” comments Franco, which just arrives us.

“Nobody is able to kill our happiness and joy of life, Franco, no one!” I answer and come back to the subject: “Can be the back door a way, Kagawad?”

Franco fixes the plastic boxes with the remaining food.

“Take it!” I tell him.

Kagawad smokes and coughs in his hand: “The Filipino way is always possible.”

I cry out: “Yes and how? Damn, I have to get out of here immediately. The entire situation is unbearable!”

Franco gets alert by the words: “The Filipino way.” With a full mouth he says: “I talked already to De Baron. The policewomen are out of game.”

“Indeed, that’s too late!” Kagawad confirms.

Franco swallows his bite, drinking Coke and continues: “Next week, Tommy, the file goes to the state prosecutor. Then we will see which prosecutor gets it.”

Kagawad cut off Franco’s sentence: “That’s our man, Tommy!”

Franco nods and eats with healthy appetite. We take one more Marlboro.

Vicente looks at her husband, uncle Romolo, Kagawad and me with a critical eye: “You should really reduce smoking.”

I fix the cigarette between my fingers and get a guilty conscience: “Vicente is right as always!”

We laugh again.

Vicente moves her face to a grimace: “You are disgusting.”

Should I ask this question: “How much money needs the Filipino way?” My decision is “No!” I do not want to discuss that with so many friends. No, I will talk with the Attorney about it.


End excerpt

[End of Chapter 8

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