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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

8.01. Unpleasant topics

Thomas Heger (Tommy), arrested in the Philippines, has visitors from the village. There is a lot to clarify.


Nevertheless, the unpleasant topic of “Anonymous caller” burns in me (in Tommy). “Kagawad, is what I heard true? There are rumors and gossip in the village that the anonymous caller who informed the police is from Sendong City or from our village?

Kagawad seems surprised and replies: “My wife has also told me about it. I called her early this morning. But honest, Tommy, that’s stupid talking and gossip! Forget that! That’s always so. No matter what happens, immediately the rumor kitchen cooks up and immediately the story is more bloody, as it really is, or is made more interesting with false information.”

After his speech, I am a little relaxed: “It does not matter where the call has come from, because that does not change my bad situation. But can it be that there is someone jealous or angry, because I do not support his child, nor his family?”

Again Kagawad replies: „The envy of one another is often there. Especially when people brag about their possessions. With a new motorcycle, for example, even if a loan is running out. Perhaps some of your children in the village boasted of your support. Perhaps this caller just wanted to give you a little warning only and couldn’t imagine what a big story his call would create.”

“Yes, that bad person couldn’t have known what kind of story it would lead to,” adds Vicente sadly.

Romolo spits and croaks: “The people are stupid. Like children. They have no idea what they are doing.”

Kagawad, Vicente and Mik nod.

I hate the topic, and I take my wallet out of my pocket: “Oh, almost eleven o’clock, we have to take care of lunch.”

Romolo drinks the rest of the water, burps and replies: “Wait, Tommy! Rica’s daughter wanted to bring something. Grilled pork and such.”

“Delicious lechon baboy! Pig grilled on a bamboo pole! I’m getting hungry.”

The mood is better now. Seconds of silence follow. Suddenly there are worry lines on Kagawad’s forehead, apparently he is thinking about something.

His emotions are reflected in his face. Is that why I like him so much? I ask him directly, as his expression worries me: “Kagawad, is there anything else? Maybe on the subject of an Attorney? How was it there yesterday?”

Kagawad is clearly looking for words. A few puffs later from the cigarette, he replies: “The Attorney is okay. I had a good conversation with him while he was sober.”

We laugh, but Romolo’s laughter ends in a fit of coughing. Vicente pats her uncle on the back, worried.

Kagawad continues: “Attorney De Baron has expressed surprise that nobody warned you not to travel alone with the children.”


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