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Chapter 8.00. online • Excerpt and preview • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

8.00. Rumors and gossip

Thomas Heger is talking with Vicente and Mik.


Heger ask: “Is there anything new in the village?”

Vicente suddenly has a very sad face. That worries me: “Vicente, everything is okay in the village?”

Vicente searches for words: “We spoke to my mother on the phone yesterday. Very strange rumors are circulating in the village.”

Mik interrupts his wife: “It is said that the anonymous phone call the police received was from Sendong City or even the village.”

Vicente is close to tears: “The story goes that someone was just waiting for an opportunity to discredit you.”

“To beat you up, Tommy!” Mik shouts a little too loudly. Officer Sarang, who is now working on his laptop, looks up briefly.

“Bringing myself into disrepute and beating me up? But why? Do I have enemies in the village? That would be new to me. Everyone has always been really nice and friendly. It never gave a bad word anywhere.”

“Maybe someone is jealous of you!” Whispers Vicente and explains: “Envious and angry because you supported this and that child and their family, but not the child of the caller. Maybe that’s why?”

“Yes, but who is telling something like that and who is it supposed to be?”

“These are just rumors and gossip! You shouldn’t give credit to that. Typical village chatter. I heard that someone said that, which in turn he or she heard from him or her and so on and so on. It’s stupid gossip! Mik wipes the sweat from his forehead and groans: “I need a cigarette now, but it isn’t allowed here in the office?”

The rumors in the village are confusing and unsettling. The office suddenly seems too cramped and musty to me. It’s hot, and it’s hard to breathe. I have to go out, I need fresh oxygen and I get hectic: “Officer Sarang, sorry for disturbing, but would it be okay if I talk to my friends at the cell forecourt?”


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