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Journey into Disaster

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7.02. Witness Affidavits

The German Thomas Heger arrested in the Philippines is in dungeon. On the advice of his Attorney, the parents (of the alleged victims) and Heger’s friends carry out Witness Affidavits.


Kagawad, Marielou, Jonathan and Franco have been waiting outside Attorney De Barons Law Office for about ten minutes. Then Romolo arrived with their son Silas, Michael (Mik) with his wife Vicente and Rica and Lang.

“Tommy looked very sad when we left,” reports Marielou sadly to the parents and Silas.

Jonathan explains that Tommy is now locked away because he has no visitors. Tommy wanted to pass the time with the newspapers and solving puzzles.

In return, the parents report that the boys are doing well in the youth home, that they have made friends and the nice young social worker is giving some school lessons.

The group enters the Law Office of Attorney De Baron. It is located in a small shop on a busy street. At the ceilings, two fans who have all the effort to move the air in the stuffy and humid room. On the walls are notary deeds from Attorney De Baron, private photos, some photos of De Baron with high-ranking local personalities and a price list.

The attractive secretary jumps up, greets the group warmly and asks the visitors to take a seat.

A few minutes later, Attorney De Baron comes through the door of his law office: “Fine that you are here.” De Baron is dressed sportily and elegantly. The bunch of keys with the Toyota car keys jingles on the belt. Lots of pomade shine in the hair that has been combed back tightly.

Franco rushes forward: “Sir, Tommy gave me 5.000 Piso for food and drinks!”

“Well, young man, I would say, get it and don’t forget the bottle of Fundador.” Attorney quickly nods to Romolo, Mik and Kagawad.

The three men answer with a big grin, because the anticipation is written on their faces. Fundador is an expensive but fine brandy. Nobody drinks such a thing in the village, except Kandayo on his birthday. Silas and Jonathan look at each other furtively, because maybe there is a droplet in it for them.

The women Vicente, Rica, Lang and Marielou roll their eyes.

Attorney says to Franco: “But leave an amount left, so we can later buy fresh Lechon Manok and Limpo.” He smiles: “I’m sure, you also like to eat fried chicken and grilled pork belly! And bring a bottle of Sangria for the ladies!” His smug smile at the women seems oily.

Nevertheless, the women smile cautiously.

Franco and Jonathan go to buy the stuff. Kagawad reports that the Attorney can expect Tommy’s 80k Piso early next week. Attorney’s facial expression turns to satisfied. While grinning, he pulls only the right corner of his mouth upwards.


All Witness Affidavits basically contain the same content. The first two completed Affidavits by Michael (Mik) and his wife Vicente Kabaltos need the longest time. After that, the secretary is mainly busy copying and pasting the text modules and exchanging the names in the copied text. All persons prepare their own Witness Affidavit, except for Jonathan and Silas. The Attorney has a joint affidavit drawn up for the two teenagers. In the text, Tommy’s generosity towards the families is repeated over and over again.


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