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Journey into Disaster

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6.10. A huge sum of money

Thomas Heger, arrested in the Philippines, calls his family in Germany via Skype.


Sabine and my mom have frightened faces. Marie looks incredulous, swallows and groans: “With the amount that we are supposed to transfer, that’s 6.400 Euro! Tommy, the money burning must stop immediately!”

„Yes, Marie, after the parents‘ affidavits are okay, they and my friends can go back to the village! The youth home also care off the children and surly cooking food. Certainly not so princely and delicious as we.”

Helplessness dominates the moment and in Germany is a depressing peace in the room. Nobody has ideas, solutions, answers.

It bursts out of me: “Marie, please terminate the deposit account! There are about 15.000 Euro, with a three-month notice period. But send only the 4.000 Euro to Wolfgang. Attorney de Baron shall get his 120K Piso. Then the man can start working. No, send 5.000 Euro. I also need something.”

Marie replies lost in thought: “Attorney De Baron — funny name.”

“Tommy!” shouts my mom, suddenly dismayed. “How long do you want to stay there? When will they finally release you? When the children, parents and friends speak for you, what’s the problem?”

“This country keeps a different time with their clocks, mom. In Germany they have no time, but money. Here in the Philippines they always have a lot of time, but nobody has money!”

“Tommy, we don’t have a lot of money either!” Mom replies excitedly. Marie and Sabine repeat our mom’s answer. Mickey excitedly barks between. Dad calls out indignantly to drown everyone: “Tommy, they just want your money. They are cheating and gutting you!” The dog gets dad’s anger: “Mickey — damn again — now finally shut up, we’re doing Skype!”

Marie hooks up there and says quickly: “Tommy, please be careful with the money and don’t waste it. What your dad says about gutting and the way you talked about it, it seems like this!”

“Should I save money now? Now, where it is about my life?” I’m desperate and too loud.

Officer Sarang suddenly stands next to me and asks in English: “Do you have problems, sir?”

“No, no, sir! We only discuss important things!”

Officer Sarang looks interested in the laptop screen. I explain the persons — facilitated and grateful — to end the discussion about money: “My sister Sabine, my partner Marie and my mom. My dad is not in the picture.”

But at that very moment he appears with Mickey in his arms and has apparently already calmed down: “Mickey, look, there is Tommy in the computer.”

Mickey yowls and tries to break free. We wave at the computer camera.

The three women wave to the smart officer. He says only: “Very handsome family, especially your sister!”

Sabine smiles and translates into German for my parents.

I further explain in English: “This is Police Officer Sir Sarang. A really nice guy!”

Mom complains: “Speak German, I don’t understand anything!” She immediately adds: “The policeman looks really nice!”


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