New Word #26: Singular Or Plural

Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash I have never been very comfortable with this issue since there are so many exceptions to the rule that I often wonder if I would be making a mistake if I follow the rule–as a non-native speaker, this is nothing new to me. At first I was quite frustrated […]

New Word #26: Singular Or Plural

Journey into Disaster • Chapter 6.08. online • A strange conversation •

Chapter 6.08. online • Excerpt and preview • Access to the entire novel by password • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

6.08. Dentist and cell forecourt

The parents have a strange conversation with the social worker Ma’am Solano.


Rica is unsure, turns the simple cell phone in her hand and quietly stutters: “Aboy’s father and Phil’s mother are coming tomorrow. I thought it would be good if we could visit our sons at the BSWD tomorrow Friday?”

Ma’am looks expressionless and answers: “But yes, Ma’am Restito, why not! The ladies of the police finished, as far as I heard, the interrogations of the children.” Confidential, Ma’am Solano brings her hand to the back of Rica’s hand. Rica is confused on this day again because she can not classify the sudden friendliness of her. With a malevolent ma’am looks at the three neglected street boys. They sit next to the officer, a bit off the villagers. She whispers: “Compared to these three, your children are pleasantly quiet, well-educated and easy to deal with. Come in a little earlier tomorrow and bring your food again. The kids love it!”

Rica has compassion with the three sad-looking street boys and smiles briefly at them.

Lang watches the scene and is amazed. Ma’am Solano’s friendliness makes her brave: “Ma’am, when can our boys get back to us?”

Again, Ma’am Solano continues thinking with this expressionless face. She sighs: “I cannot answer your question because that decides the prosecutor. We only do what was commanded to us.”

Michael listens to the conversation suspiciously and simultaneously admires Aboy’s milk teeth.

Ma’am Solano studies the three parents and says completely emotionless: “It would be better, you file a criminal case against your Tommy!”

Rica, Lang and Michael are a moment perplexed and shake their heads. Ma’am Solano turns back to her smart phone.

Rica whispers to Lang: “Why does she say that?”

Michael gets angry and is about to protest when Jan comes out of the treatment room beaming with joy. The pretty dental assistant is with him. She carries a few pieces of paper with her and says in a friendly manner: “Well, you have brave boys, would you please sign here and don’t worry, the treatment is free, our state pays for it.”


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