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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

6.07. Chaos in the Health Center

It’s about 1:30 p.m. The five children from the village, the three glue snuffling street boys, their companions Ma’am Solano and Ma’am Burque and an escort officer in combat uniform are waiting for the doctors. Neko with the epileptic seizure last night has insisted that his friends Dodung and Bernie go with him to the psychologist.

But what then happens in the health center?


The parking lot at the rear of the building is well occupied with parked vehicles and there is a lot of traffic. The sun has already passed its zenith and is burning mercilessly and almost vertically from the azure blue tropical sky. It’s scorching hot. The heavy Toyota pickup of the police, with the dozing driver in, is parked a little apart in an area reserved for employees or vehicles of other authorities. A large black SUV with dark-tinted windows is also parked there. Three people from the SUV are busy on the side facing away from the parking lot.

Ma’am Solano looks around searchingly in the glaring light and then goes with the boys to the SUV.


At the beginning of the interview, the reporters try to win the boys‘ trust and ease the mood. They greet like old friends, ask about accommodation at the BSWD and even about the rugby boys. They are friendly, courteous, crack jokes and laugh at them. The attractive Suzi offers the children her private nickname Suzi and compliments the beautiful appearance of the five astonished boys. Suzi is particularly impressed by the youngest, sweet Dan. She gives Dan a short hug. With the older ones, Sam and Jan, Suzi carefully tries to score with sex appeal. The three media people distribute junk food, cookies, fruit and cold Coke from an ice box. On the side, Suzi repeats questions that she has already asked the five during the first interview. The cameraman films Suzi and the boys who are standing in a close semicircle in front of Suzi. The third media man holds a large white sunshade over the group to keep the mercilessly burning rays of the sun off and to dampen the perpendicular light. He participates in the interview, so it now degenerates into a cross-examination. The children become embarrassed as Suzette asks questions about their privacy. She is persistent and her friendliness is decreasing: “So, you were naked in the hotel and in the shower room and Tommy, the German, took a lot of photos of you?”

The reporter, who is holding the parasol, adds: “Nude photos! And you had a nice day in the Gaisano, ate pizza, and splashed around in the swimming pool. Your Tommy promised you school supplies for naked pictures?”


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