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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

6.06. All under one roof

The Filipino attorney really doesn’t have a good opinion of foreign NGOs ….



The in the Philippines arrested German, Thomas Heger, asks: “Attorney, this foreigner, who is rushing away, was also at the press conference and how did the conference run? Did you ask Ma’am about the cell phone, sir?”

De Baron does not answer immediately, but enjoys the Lucky Strike. He clears his throat: “I had to wait because this foreigner was talking to superintendent Ma’am Papillio. He was with the policewomen faster than I can think and yes, he was also at the press conference. He is from such a strange organization. I already forgot the name. Mr. Heger, don’t worry about that guy! The NGOs are active all over the Philippines and are already stepping on each other’s feet. These do-gooders with their associations all want a piece of the pie. Funding, donations from abroad, subsidies, development aid. It’s just business too. They rarely ask us Filipinos, and those with the helper syndromes are often very annoying here. I have my experiences there. Sir Heger, believe me. Well, some are also use- and helpful. For example in the agricultural sector or to improve the infrastructure. These Christian associations naturally want to convert.” De Baron laughs loudly and ugly: “You cannot imagine how many Christian churches there are besides the Roman Catholic Church: Protestants, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Born Again, Church of Christ, Couples of Christ, Servants of Christ. Then there are loads of Christian orders, fellow believers and so on. Everyone wants to earn money.”

I am annoyed, raise my hand, interrupt the attorney and repeat with a trembling voice: “Everything just business? Attorney, shouldn’t I be worried about this?”

“Mr. Heger, these NGOs are like the media, like vultures! Everyone wants to make money on criminal cases like yours and yes, Mr. Heger, don’t worry unnecessarily about this foreigner. It is very important what the children have said. The parents must remain your friends!” He glances at Mik, Rica and Lang one after the other and nods at them and says: stand by your German friend!”

I nod and am a little reassured. The attorney put it in a nutshell: “Sir, what about the cell phone?”

“That’s okay! Ma’am Papillio understands. We are all aware that in your defense you have to and will do everything that is possible and that you need a lot and also want to contact your loved ones in Germany.”

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