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Journey into Disaster

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6.05. Nongovernmental Organization

The Philippine police investigators Ma’am Papillio and Ma’am Tolisan have a conversation with a foreign Christian NGO.


“Sir, what can we actually do for you?” asks Ma’am Papillio curiously.

Mc Bride clears his throat: “Police Superintendent Ma’am Papillio, our Prowoch association and other NGOs have entered into an alliance with globally active NGOs that protect and save women and children from predators like this Heger — the German. We now have social and political contacts at the highest level and circles. That goes as far as the former American President and his presidential family.”

“And how do we fit into your story, sir?” asks Ma’am Papillio without any emotions. It’s all too grand and too far away for her.

“Financial support, Ma’am. We plan, especially in cases like this to support the entire Filipino judicial system. As you know, we give other sacrifices and the BSWD already supported by us.”

Ma’am Papillio interrupts the foreigner: “I know the latter. It is on your homepage.”

Mc Bride holds his hand in front of his mouth and whispers: “We support officially and unofficially in the Philippines. For example we already give some judges money so that they promulgate the correct judgments against foreigners. He winks at the policewomen and leans forward: “Ma’ams, you understand what I mean. But you and I have to be successful for that. I heard from a reporter that the parents are visiting this German. They are friendly to him. Ma’am, please help me get the parents on our side.”

Ma’am Tolisan’s eyes shine at the words “financial support.” Her boss, however, is thoughtful. After a few seconds Ma’am Papillio replies: “Sir, we are, of course, very happy about any kind of support. Nevertheless, I have to disappoint you, because it is against our statute on police work and neutrality in investigations. Therefore, we will not influence the parents or the alleged victims. However, feel free to travel to the village to talk to the families and the relatives of the children.”


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