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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

6.03. Press conference out of control

Attorney De Baron is at the police press conference and has his own view of things …….


There are three activists from the Antitrafficking Board, recognizable by their uniform t-shirts, accompanied by a gray, curly-haired, gaunt and sporty-elegant-looking foreigner. He took out a notepad and pen. De Baron recognizes from the logo on the foreigner’s t-shirt that the guy is an employee of this non-governmental organization from Manila. Certainly a high-ranking official.

He remembers the forty-year-old: I only saw him recently in a report on CNN-Philippines! De Baron recalls contemptuously: After the business with pickled fruits from organic cultivation did not generate the profit, they had hoped for, they are now focusing their business model on saving people.

In his eyes they are practicing modern colonialism. As if the Philippines cannot solve their problems on their own. And don’t these self-proclaimed human rescuers have enough to do in their own countries? So are the NGOs already called on the scene? Bad for Heger, good for me. It will be difficult to defend the German. Public pressure on the public prosecutor is increasing every day. He doesn’t think anymore that the case will be dismissed on the prosecutor’s desk for lack of evidence. The foreigner dragged five Filipinos underage into the hotel. If a Filipino had done that, it would have been absolutely normal. Nobody would ask or call the police. But with a foreigner it’s a completely different matter. De Baron wipes the sweat from his forehead. It becomes hot because the four standing fans in the corners of the room do not do their job well. In addition, the lamps of the cameras. He keeps brooding: Isn’t that racism when, unlike Filipinos, the police are notified immediately? But that doesn’t matter now, because it is what it is: Heger sits in the trap. And no one is interested in dismissing the case quickly. For me that’s only advantageous, because each hearing must be paid in cash by the client. Not without reason, the item “Hearings and Court Days” is not in the offer to Heger! De Baron hides his satisfied grin behind an elegant handkerchief.

Ma’am Papillio taps the tabletop with her pen. De Baron is torn from his thoughts. The press conference starts half an hour late.


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