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Journey into Disaster

Hello my dear visitors. Weekend is coming and I proudly present chapter

6.02. Crazy Morning

Thomas Heger, arrested in the Philippines, has his first painful experiences with the media.


The reporter starts with his questions about myself, my marital status, why and how long I’m staying in the Philippines, whether I know the children and their parents better and why we were at the hotel.

I patiently answer the questions, and I quickly find myself confronted with the catchwords sex tourism, cyber crime, child pornography and human trafficking. He aggressively asks if I am informed that the Philippines is known as a hotspot for this kind of crime. At the beginning of the interview — the word “interview” only now comes to my mind — I answered politely in full sentences. Now I go monosyllabic and end up answering “yes” or “no.” Then there are questions, why do I sleep with children in the hotel, whether I am a pedophile or belong to a syndicate of human traffickers? I think I’ve misheard, get angry and it becomes too stupid.

The guy does not give up, asks more penetrating and even more aggressive, in the style of an interrogation.

“Mik-Mik, do you have a Marlboro?” I try to avoid the verbal clutches.

The human rights activist or journalist — or whatever he is — writes and sweats. He repeats the questions about my sexual preferences and whether I am related to pornography, cyber crime and human trafficking.

“Stop! Enough, that’s enough for me! I’ve said enough!” I fend off the flood of new questions with defensive gestures.

The guy asks unmoved, suddenly pulls out his cell phone and cheekily tries to take a picture. I am faster and hold a newspaper in front of my face. Mik-Mik also immediately holds his hand in front of the cell phone.

At that moment Attorney De Baron, Franco, Marielou and Jonathan appear in the cell yard.

De Baron sees the journalist who is standing with his back to him, laughs loudly and shouts: “Dumampos, you old gunk, did you make it to my client?” The Attorney turns to me: “Mr. Heger, don’t answer any questions! Not from Dumampos, who works for these cheap local gazettes. Don’t get involved with other media people either.”

The journalist puts his notepad in his bag and looks like a kicked dog without saying another word.

“But, but,” I stutter, surprised and angry, “he said he was working for international human rights organizations?”


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