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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

6.01. Convulsion



In the middle of the night in the BSWD children’s home

Jan sleeps, but slowly he notices Dan’s whispering voice and the strange sounds in the room.

Dan gets in a panic, becomes louder and shakes his brother wildly: “Jan, Kuya (big brother) wake up!”

Sam, Aboy, Phil and the two brothers wake up too. It is late at night and the room has poor lighting. The boys are afraid of the strange noises that come from the corner with the beds of the three street boys. One of the metal beds groans and squeaks terribly. Despite the darkness, the children recognize that it must be Neko’s bed. Neko moves wildly on the mattress and his noise sounds like an animal. A continuing, pressed bright growling. Sam turns on the light. Dodung, the oldest of the three street boys, kneels in front of Neko’s bed. He tries to move away Neko’s twisted and stiff arms from his cramped body. Only the white can be seen from Neko’s eyes. His face is a grimace and saliva oozes from his mouth. Dan throws himself at his brother for protection and claws his fingernails in Jan’s back in fear. Now all the boys stare at Neko and Dodung. They have never experienced anything like this before. Dodung wipes the sweat from Neko’s face with a grubby t-shirt. At this moment Neko pees in his pants.

“He has a seizure. It goes over right away,” whispers Dodung. He sits down on the edge of the bed, attracts Neko on his lap, lovingly caresses the bald head and sobs: “Everything will be fine, Neko. Everything will be fine.” Suddenly tears run down Dodung’s cheeks. He caresses again Neko’s head and wipes with the t-shirt new sweat of Neko’s face and neck. Also Bernie, the third street boy, is now sitting on the edge of the bed and cries softly.

Sam roars the hallway: “Ma’am Burque!”

Jan massages Dodung’s shoulder: “You are a very good companion and friend.”

“I’m all he has,” sobs Dodung.

All boys are now, affected and confused, around the bed. Neko growls not anymore and the convulsion go away. He becomes clearer and looks confused to Dodung.

Ma’am Burque storms into the room. She only wears a thin white t-shirt and wide sweatpants.


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