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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

5.04. Teenager


The German Thomas Heger, arrested in the Philippines, has two teenagers as visitors.
Marielou and Jonathan want to know how was the last few days here in the police station, when I can go home and whether my cell is okay. I tell about Michael’s heroic doings in the garbage. Michael is again embarrassed by the appreciative glances at him. “I hope to be free as soon as possible,” I answer. Then Marielou tells very emotionally and with wild gestures from the village. That all friends are shocked and would visit me, if they have only the money for the bus. Marielou and Jonathan report that the entire village would be on my side and believe in my innocence. Then they talk about Frank, the German, and their conversation on Frank’s balcony.

With a pressed voice, Marielou says: “Frank has reacted strangely.”

Jonathan says what he thinks: “Not like a real friend.”

I do not tell, that Frank does not want to help me in my worst situation, nor in the transfer of money. I’m very disappointed. I answer: “Frank is strange and indeed not clear.” I want to end the topic and set Wolfgang, the other German in Sendong City, on my imaginary to-do-list: Must ask Wolfgang for money transfer.

Now Marielou and Jonathan come to their dangerous adventure on their way to Attorney Paternesto. They were very close to a horrible motorcycle accident with Frank and had a terrible near death experience. The two teenagers tell their story in a very pictorial way with wild gestures and big eyes. Everyone laughs heartily. Except Rica, Jonathan’s and Sam’s mother. Horrified, she shakes her head at the story. The two officers are surprised by the good mood in the room and briefly look at us from their desk work.

“Thank you, that you even give me your life and die for me!” I comment on the narrative.


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