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Journey into Disaster

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5.01. Children under interrogation — Part 3


Dan, Phil and Aboy’s mouths are smeared with chocolate cake. Dan empties the Coke bottle and replies: “Ma’am Burque is so nice. She showed us a game of cards.”

“Uno is the name of the game,” says Phil. His friends are excited and happy too.

“My daughter also likes the card game Uno. You didn’t know the game before?”

Dan replies sadly: “We don’t have the money to buy something like this, ma’am.”

Jan and Sam are more hesitant to the policewomen than the three younger boys.

Ma’am Tolisan claps her hands lightly: “Children, we want to talk about the day in the hotel again.”

The boys eat the last cake and cookies and do not respond to Ma’am Tolisan’s announcement.

Ma’am Papillio gives paper towels: “Please clean your hands and mouths.”

She remembers the call to the BSWD social worker and what Ma’am Solano have said: The children masturbated in the hotel and did not tell her during the first interrogations. They are ashamed of it. She considers: Only for this reason, we have brought the children back to our office. We need to hear the fact of abuse from the mouths of the boys today. And of course we have to ask Heger’s role. Did Heger ask the children to do this — because of his sexual desire? She has doubts: Did Heger do something like that? Would he be able to do that? Such a smart, well-educated person with an obviously big heart. It seems that he is popular in the village. A friend of the parents, the children, the families and the neighbors. She remembers a saying: Everyone is able to do anything. But she has to admit that she is confused about this case and has her doubts. It doesn’t all fit together.


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