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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

4.06. Important visitors

Heger, an arrested German in the Philippines, has important visitors.


Michael is accompanied by the mothers Rica and Lang. We take chairs, and Michael pulls out the Marlboro as soon as he sits down. The officer accepts with thanks, but I decline, maybe later.

“Tommy, we’ve fried fish for you!” Lang proudly begins the conversation and clumsily arranges her stubborn hair.

Rica adds maternally: “And rice, Tommy, and spicy soy sauce and a few mangoes and bananas.”

Michael takes a large bottle of Coca-Cola and a mug from his bag. The coke is refreshingly cool.

Smoking and drinking coke are really getting threatening lately! Comes on my mind.

I thank the three visitors warmly.

“Tommy, you must be hungry, don’t you?” asks Rica, genuinely concerned.

I don’t want to disappoint the two women, so I don’t talk about lunch in the police office: “I’ll eat later, because I want to talk to you first. How was it in the children’s home? Did you see the children? How are the boys doing? Are they very sad? When can they go home?”


On the drive from the BSWD children’s home to the police station, Michael, Rica and Lang made an agreement. They do not want to tell anything to Tommy about what they consider to be an immoral suggestion from the social welfare worker Ma’am Solano: “The parents shall file a criminal case against Tommy, to ensure that the children get home quickly.” Rica has the opinion that Tommy has other problems and worries. She said that this is a dubious offer, since the release of the children is in the responsibility of the police or the court and not in the responsibility of the BSWD. Michael suspects that Ma’am Solano’s appearance is a desire for recognition and the attempt to pin down the foreigner as quickly as possible. Therefore, the three visitors do not say any word about their discussion with Ma’am Solano. Rather, they report the positive things.


“Tommy, the boys have actually made friends,” answers Lang, Jan and Dan’s mother, cheerfully.

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