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Chapter 4.05. online. • Excerpt and preview • Access to the entire novel by password • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

4.05. TV, chickens and money

Heger, he is arrested in the Philippines, asks his friends for help and is bitterly disappointed.


Less than a minute later, Frank’s answer comes: “Please don’t get me involved in this story. Ask Wolfgang! He has a commercial bank account. I can send his number if necessary.”

The disappointment is probably written on my face because Franco looks at me confused.

“What’s wrong with Frank? He does not want to help! I want to transfer money over his bank account.”

Franco reacts surprised: “Why?”

“Don’t know! I was thinking he is my friend.”

My cell phone buzzes and I get Wolfgang’s cell phone number. He is a businessman in Sendong City. I know him and consider him as a good acquaintance.

“Well, I have to ask Wolfgang,” I say to Franco and send a message to Wolfgang Schmidt.

Frank’s behavior is strange. I considered him as a good friend and I believed I could rely on him in cases of emergency.

I am very disappointed and have bitter thoughts. What if everyone else says goodbye to me? Family, friends, work colleagues? These thoughts cause restlessness. What if everyone around me doesn’t stay on my side longer? And suddenly I’m here alone. Nailed down in an Asian country, in a rotten and filthy dungeon, in inhumane conditions, far away from home. Damn it, this crazy story needs to end as soon as possible

My thoughts, the growing anger and restlessness seem to have been written on my face again. Franco asks: “Tommy, what’s going on? Are you alright?”


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