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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

4.04. An immoral proposal

[The parents visit the youth home BSWD.]


Rica Restito, Sam’s mother and her eldest daughter Silvia, she is married here in Tugalm City, and Lang, the mother of the brothers Jan and Dan (Her real name is Lydia Barcella.) want to meet Michael in front of the BSWD premises to visit the social workers and of course their sons. Rica, Silvia and Lang are still waiting for Michael. The three women cooked and fried fish. They also bring rice, fruit, sweets and soft drinks for the boys. For Tommy they have a Tupperware with crispy fried fish, a box with rice and a small box with spicy soy sauce. Michael Kabaltos, he is Phil’s father, and will also represent little Aboy as he is Aboy’s uncle, arrives at the BSWD at noon. He jumps out of the Motorola and flicks away the cigarette butt. The greeting with the women is short and superficial.

“Well, let’s see what the BSWD wants from us,” says Michael mockingly.

The women are visibly nervous, but look rested and recovered. Silvia and Lang are slightly made up. Silvia even corrected her eyebrows.

He points to the bags: “Very good, you have the food for the children with you.”

Silvia replies quickly: “We also cooked for Tommy.”

Rica and Lang nod satisfied.

“You went to see Tommy this morning? How is he?” asks Lang worried.

“He’s fine. I cleaned the cell,” replies Michael proudly and continues: “Tommy had an attorney this morning. I’ve already forgotten the name. The policewomen must have sent that man. Tommy is not enthusiastic, and he certainly won’t hire him. Franco and Attorney De Baron are with Tommy now.”

The group makes their way to the chain-link fence gate. The women talk about attorneys.

“It’s good that Tommy didn’t take this attorney. He’s recommended by the police! What’s that supposed to be?” says Lang indignantly.

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