Journey into Disaster • Chapter 4.03. online • Oily attorney •

Chapter 4.03. online. • Excerpt and preview • Access to the entire novel by password • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

4.03. Oily attorney

[The next attorney is coming.]


In Officer Sarang’s office Franco and a slightly overweight man are standing at the seating area and have a lively but quiet conversation. The gentleman wears trousers made of fine thread with creases and a yellow polo shirt. His hair is combed back smooth and has a shine from oil or hair wax. The full face is adorned with a delicate Errol Flynn mustache. He wears blue-tinted sunglasses with a thin gold frame, gold chains and a massive signet ring on his right hand. All in all, he looks like a true American mafia boss from old US films.

Franco greets me warmly and introduces the gentleman as Attorney De Baron. As with Attorney Pizarro, De Baron’s belt also has a large bunch of car keys.

Status symbols!

Short hand shaking and we take the seats.

“So you are Mr. Heger, German. I saw the TV report. Stupid thing, Mr. Heger, very stupid thing.”

A young policeman brings some sheets that the attorney studies immediately.

“Tommy, how are you, did you sleep well?” asks Franco concerned.
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