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Chapter 4.02. online. • Excerpt and preview • Access to the entire novel by password • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

4.02. Highblood


Filipinos say when they are upset or angry: “Highblood.” I’m not sure what causes more highblood to me: the arrogant nature of the attorney or what he said?

I’m thinking about what the attorney just told. There are uncertainties and doubts: What did the attorney talk about and — damn — what if there is even a little truth in it?

Human trafficking, life imprisonment. “Is it human trafficking when I stay at the hotel with children? That was to protect them,” I whisper bitterly and shake my head. “I just don’t want to be on the streets of the Philippines at night with five kids!”

Child abuse, 12 to 15 years imprisonment. Again I whisper: “My God, they just romped naked on the beds and Aboy was naked in the bathroom. They are children! They wanted to have fun and were just very happily. They don’t know such huge, soft, king-size beds. I have also stopped the romp and the other play.”

The parents should start criminal proceedings against me, this guy said. “Is he crazy? Never!” I want to shout this loud out, but say it barely audibly and add: “Filing a case against me? They would never do that! They are long-time friends and very good acquaintances of mine. They will never file a case and there is no reason to do so! No reasons at all!”

Nonsense, that’s the business of fear, I finish my dark thoughts. My blood pressure drops and the pulse no longer beats as quickly. I hang limp like a teenager in the cheap, shabby plastic chair. The young escort officer clears his throat. I jump up, and the chair slides backwards loudly: “Sorry!”

The officer is probably a little surprised at me, at least his face is astonished or questioning: “Sir, I’ll bring you back to the cells.”
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