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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

4.00. New day – old suffering



That was the night: I badly slept, dreamed stupid, often woke up and urinated several times in a mineral water bottle.

I have a little headache. No choice, I open my eyes. The carpet of cobwebs with the innumerable sucked-out insects hangs over me. That’s how I feel right now, sucked. A new day starts outside the cell. My watch shows 5:43 a.m. I put the neckline of my t-shirt over my nose. It smells bad. The rest of the water in the bottle is lukewarm. Still, it helps wash down the leaden taste and furry feeling in my mouth.

Now I’m sitting on the edge of the rickety, dirty bunk bed. The small bottle of ethyl alcohol is on the floor next to the bed. I inject a little alcohol into my hand and rub it on my face and scalp. The scent of alcohol smells pleasant and invigorates my senses. A second empty plastic bottle has to be sacrificed for my morning toilet. The rats didn’t come back, but I also didn’t miss them. That unbelievable pile of rubbish on the wall opposite. I shake my head in disgust and whisper: “Thomas, where did you get into? This is a real nightmare. Today is Tuesday, the third day of detention. Something has to be done. Finally do something! There is only one solution: I have to get out of here! It cannot be, that I’m here!”

I go through my hair and have to admit: “All my hopes are now with the lawyers. They’re called Attorneys here. But maybe the police will finally understand that I’m innocent!”
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